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Episode 1 now free on XBox Live

posted by RobtMyers on - last edited - Viewed by 170 users
This according to Blistered Thumbs.

Thanks TTG. Now I can expand my quest to spread the misery to every gamer I know. Muhahahaha!!!
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  • I downloaded it and thankfully it was for free,because I dont plan to play it or purchase any future Telltale products ( already returned and got refunded for broken disc version) ! Framerate issues, micro stutter, freezing in camera angle changes and constant freezing while text option pops up... all that in point and click cell shaded arcade game 0_o
  • I would like episode four for free since I've already bought one through three.
  • This was a great initiative of Microsoft/TellTale since I believe it has boosted the sales of the game.

    People who never played it got the chance, and then the 1-day sale had all episodes for half price.

    Spectacular deal!
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