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Footage of Marvin the Martian online

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Here’s something that is bound to surprise everyone. Test demo footage of the purposed live-action/CG Marvin the Martian movie. No joke, real deal footage here. Originally, Warner bros went ahead with this but in the end they shelved it. here’s the link to the footage, if anyone asks Eric Bauza is voicing Marvin here(although it was rumored Mike Myers was supposed to voice Marvin for the actual movie)

Unlike most hybrids that have been produced, that had the animated characters to look almost realistic. Marvin looks like himself, in short terms, they didn’t turn him into a realistic looking freakazoid. I don’t know if the upcoming LT movie(which is being written by a SNL writer) I don’t know if the animation for that movie would be like this. But either way, it would look better than a realistic looney tunes. What do you guys think? The story to me sounded too similar to my dog skip(since they were going to put Marvin on earth to destroy Christmas but befriends a kid in the process). I’m just glad Marvin looks like himself and not realistic to the point of being creepy.
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  • tobar;753470 said:
    The CGI on Hong Kong Phooey looks kinda crappy.
  • tobar;753470 said:
    That is way better than the Marvin test, but still not quite right.
  • Secret Fawful;752921 said:
    Nobody likes today's culture. Today's culture is filled with annoying shit. Yesteryears culture is filled with class. Nobody wants a Looney Tunes movie starring a future Xbox Live player.
    This is silliness. What's funny is that if you go back thousands if years, the Greeks and Jews were writing the same thing.
  • Psh. Greek culture sucked until the Romans perfected it. Sure they invented a ton of things, but the Romans made it actually worthwhile.

    And I don't know enough about ancient Jewish culture to comment.
  • DAISHI;753489 said:
    This is silliness. What's funny is that if you go back thousands if years, the Greeks and Jews were writing the same thing.
    There's only three things I can think of from 1900 - 1980 that I don't like culture wise out of America, and that is racism, homophobia, and sexism.

    We're reversing those, and then reversing everything else at the same time. I hate it all. Television is now reality shows and shitty sitcoms instead of clever sitcoms, comedy, and drama. Movies are CGI borefests instead of classy suspense, romance, adventure, and comedy. Also the not so classy horror and pulp scifi and adventure. Only animation has continued to progress, but as much as it progresses, it goes backwards in many other ways too. Technology is the biggest boon we have in this day and age. Everything else makes me angry.

    And don't get me started on people. Whether they're smothering children, forcing women to marry their rapist attackers until they commit suicide, pushing people in front of trains, shooting up schools and theaters, killing each other with bombs and missiles, or some such. It's not better than it was years ago, it's remained the same. And as far as so called civilized people, do you mean the people who like to step on and mock and jeer at people like me? I hate them all. I'd like to spit in the face of every type of person you hang out with.

    Family doesn't mean anything anymore because families spend their time on computers and not being together. Holidays and traditions are about making money and are forced instead of being something people want to do to be together. I hate it all.

    Maybe things weren't all so great back then. But they sure aren't great now.
  • ... uh.

    Please tell me they got a bad Eddie Murphy impersonator to do Hong Kong Phooey.

    Then again... that could be the real Eddie Murphy.
  • This could only ever have been bad, with a director whose previous work consists entirely of bad TV shows, TV-only films, and direct-to-DVD family movies.
    Foxhack;753510 said:
    ... uh.

    Please tell me they got a bad Eddie Murphy impersonator to do Hong Kong Phooey.
    Nope, it's the real deal.
  • Hayden;753513 said:
    No surprise there, when's the last time that Eddie Murphy did anything even remotely half decent? 'Shrek' or something?!
  • Tower Heist, although he was the only good part.
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