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TWD: Corrupted save files and game breaking glitches. I'm done.

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I really wanted to like this game and the company that created it. I'm usually all up for indie games, i support smaller companies and do whatever i can to promote their games and help spread the word. That won't be the case here however. Because this game is riddled with bugs, glitches and a broken autosave mechanic that has struck me and hundreds of other players (from my research around the steam forums, and even here).

So, i bought the season pass on Steam, and as soon as i finished episode 1, i knew i was in trouble. Because most of my decisions did NOT get carried over to the next episode (the famous 'Doug shouldn't be alive' bug), which led me to waste at least an hour in the forums trying to find a solution, then having to move files around my computer for the game to work properly (most people would probably give up after this). Soon after, when i start episode 3, my save files are apparently gone. So i re-install the damn game and start all over, and what happens? I finish episode 3, and my save files are gone AGAIN.

I've spent over 20 hours on a POS of a game that i can't even finish? Now i have to resort to hacks around the web just to keep my save files? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. No paying customer should accept this. And the worst part is that this is a recurring problem, it has been for months now and Telltale hasn't done dick about it.

This whole ordeal is sad because i actually had fun when the game worked, and i did get somewhat invested in the story and characters, despite the subpar graphics and wonky animations, but the bugs and glitches just sucked the life out of it for me. Now i'll do whatever i can to make sure other people stay away from this game.

Also, i want my money back please.
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