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Who can refund bad treated players

posted by Urtisic on - Viewed by 229 users
I've been trying to get episodes 2 and 3 for a few days now, and after coming here i can see that the downloads getting stuck is a common thing. I am familiar with many devs and none have i come across so poor as ttg in downloads ive been trying for about 7 hours to download ep3 with it just to stick at 99% (not to mention the data usage and space it uses)

but im sick of waiting now who can give us players who think this is ridiculous, a refund for a game we have payed for and not receiving?

i would not recommend this game until these issues are resolved.

EDIT: i have also tried all of the "solutions" given by the mods here turning on and off, other networks etc. this needs a patch, its a ttg problem.
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