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MacBook Pro Steam - Walkind Dead Problems: Freezing/Crashing/Save Files

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I'm a long time Telltale fan since the early monkey island era. I have had problems with Walking Dead with Steam ... I have tried to find a precise moment the game malfunction, but I learned the game just freezes/crashes (the time goes from a minute to not coming back at all) indiscriminately. I think I have more than enough machine to support the game, as it is a 2012 MacBook Pro so it definitely is not my Mac. I have lowered all the specs in the settings menu (and these shouldn’t be a problem as this is no a graphic intensive game) so it must be something within the game itself. It crashes and the game shut itself down with steam …

Additionally, and this is the most frustrating issue, the save files system of the game is completely broken… I have had two different game files and after each chapter, they just randomly decided that nothing will pass to the next chapter. The last two chapters (4 and 5) didn’t even mention the decisions I took during the game, but rather showed decision 2:2 or 1:3 etc … this just ridiculous.

I have read about solutions for the save files issues in some other forums threads … but I definitely don’t expect this from any game I play. If a game is not ready to be sold then don’t sell it … It’s a shame that Telltale has this poor quality control. Hereby, I’m requesting a full refund for my purchase in Steam (my steam tag is ceparlounge)… I bought the complete Telltale package, and after this experience, I don’t plan to play any more of their games … I’m also posting my complaint to Steam so I hope at least Steam has the decency to reply.


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  • Good luck with getting a refund from Steam, because you will not get one from Telltale.
  • good luck getting a reply I put a complaint in they didn't even have the decency to contact me back 10 days on
  • Hey guys!

    I'm expecting the worst support from Telltale, but I definitely have to give them the benefit of trusting they can answer for their malfunctioning product ... otherwise, the best answer could be just not to buy again from them again ... let's wait and see.
  • same problem here...
    i bought TWD a few days ago on steam and the game keeps freezing or freezes the whole os. i'm using a mid 2010 macbook pro (os 10.8.2 / 2.66 GHz i7 / 8gb ram / nvidia geforce gt 330m 512 mb).
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