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What's the big deal about Carley?

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What's the big deal, why is everyone so emotional about her?

I mean, I'm more sad about Doug.

Carley seemed really plain and two-dimensional, and everyone's saying she's good with a gun, which is true I suppose, but she doesn't do anything special with it. Shoots a few things like everyone else, but Lilly does a fine job shooting things to save Lee without her.

And they also say "Well, Lee fancied her so she must be awesome". It seemed like a forced romance. It didn't give you any choice, it just HAD to happen, even if you really didn't like Carley.

And to the people saying "Carley's hot" - I honestly think Molly and Lilly were better-looking. Hell, even Beatrice and Irene have a better shot in my "looks books" than Carley does.

So, please tell me why you like Carley so much? It won't change my mind, but I fail to see why anyone would like her more than Doug :P Obviously this is just my opinion and I want to hear yours!
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