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Molly was the one character where Telltale stumbled

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Overall I loved TWD and most of the characters in it. In fact I'd go so far as to say that The Walking Dead is one of the most memorable games I've ever played.

But I think Telltale stumbled a bit with Molly. The great thing about all the other characters in TWD is that they are entirely believable. They seem like real people just caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The one exception to that is Molly.

The ninja acrobatics and the ability to apparently vanish killed immersion a bit. They should have toned that down a bit and made her bad@ssery a bit more grounded in reality. No acrobatics that a real person couldn't pull off, no Houdini disappearing acts, and no using a claw hammer like a superhero grappling hook.
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  • That1Guy wrote: »
    She was given a backstory. I don't remember it but she did. I, like others, think she did parkour before the apocalypse.

    that's true, I knew Molly had a backstory since I asked her about the tape in the locker. But what I find funny is that people can't seem to accept the fact that in a post apocalyptic world, an fit, athletic woman who has parkour skills can exist, while no one seems to be in the least bit fazed about a lawyer turned samurai
  • There's many unrealistic characters in the comic book series. The obvious one being Michonne.
  • it's extreme survival of the fittest, it is more likely that people with applicable skills will survive the ZA, its actually more weird that most of the people that should survive because of their talents and skills (eg. military, martialartists, survival experts/explorers) are all dead or not in the walking dead
  • All she seems like to me is the cliche "girls can do anything boys can" model

  • Rehearsed is just another word for "practice."

    If you were rehearsing it, it would be in a particular location in a specific sequence. Not wherever you please. Learn your words and stop making forum accounts just to agree with you.
  • Ah, but it probably was "rehearsed".

    She had been surviving in that city, using the rooftops, for months......
  • Yea I think they went a bit over the top.

    I mean parkour is one thing but the way she was climbing on the roofs like a science-fiction ninja (before she dropped Dr. Logan) and later the insane jump back to the mainhall seemed a bit unbelievable even for an athletic who has mastered parkour.
    At the fighting scene shortly after Ben screwed up with the hatchet I was like 'cmon telltale...this is getting ridicilous'.

    So yea, I think they went a bit over the top with her. I hope they keep the characters in the next season more believable and don't have someone with semi-superpowers.

    her screentime was rather short though, so it didn't irk me too much.
  • Yes. I like believable persons. Persons that aren't just some kind of invincible parkouring killing machine.
  • Demopan wrote: »
    If you were rehearsing it, it would be in a particular location in a specific sequence. Not wherever you please. Learn your words and stop making forum accounts just to agree with you.

    Me, learn my words? Ok.



    Practice (a play, piece of music, or other work) for later public performance.
    Supervise (a performer or group) that is practicing in this way.

    Still not convinced? Let's look at Practice's definition.

    The actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use.
    Perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency.

    Practice is the keyword here. Also, this is my only account, so I don't know what kind of butthurt bullshit you're spewing or where it is even coming from. Believe whatever you want in that world of yours, but a fragile bubble can only be popped.
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