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Molly was the one character where Telltale stumbled

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Overall I loved TWD and most of the characters in it. In fact I'd go so far as to say that The Walking Dead is one of the most memorable games I've ever played.

But I think Telltale stumbled a bit with Molly. The great thing about all the other characters in TWD is that they are entirely believable. They seem like real people just caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The one exception to that is Molly.

The ninja acrobatics and the ability to apparently vanish killed immersion a bit. They should have toned that down a bit and made her bad@ssery a bit more grounded in reality. No acrobatics that a real person couldn't pull off, no Houdini disappearing acts, and no using a claw hammer like a superhero grappling hook.
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  • Scaeva wrote: »
    Parkour is rehearsed in a static location.

    A person who is into parkour couldn't just drop blind into any location and run through a routine without running a great risk of injury.

    There is a reason why parkour has only gotten limited attention from militaries. The practicable applications of parkour beyong physical fitness, are just as limited.

    Look, I didn't say anything about Parkour itself. I didn't even know what it was until this thread, but my point is practice makes perfect, and that it isn't beyond the realm of possibility for one character to actually be more active than the others. As for military, with my point of practice, you still have to go through the motions with a firearm, practical or not. If you can imagine, try relating it some are going to be good shots with the gun, but others are going to severely risk missing their's the same concept no matter how you look at it. Everything is a rehearsal when it comes to practice.

    You guys believe what you want, but Molly isn't outside the realm of Lee surviving a car crash, zombie horde by himself with only a knife and broken glass, or when Lee and Omid jump from a bridge to a moving train, or when Lee himself jumps from building-to-building, and the ladder bit with one arm.

    In fact that makes Molly seem like the amateur.
    Rock114 wrote: »
    Well, Molly's had three and a half months to learn her way around the rooftops of Savannah. She even says that she's pretty much stuck in the city, so she really doesn't have anything else to do. Sides, I thought the parkour was kinda neat. The one thing I don't like is how she goes to take on the entire horde that Ben lets into Crawford. Sure she gets royally fucked, and gets left behind if Clem isn't there and Lee sucks at shooting, but she took on those initial walkers like it was zero problem.

    The reason why it might not be a big deal for her is that she might be a bit suicidal, which goes back to her bleak words, "In the end, the dead always win." Which I do believe I pointed out somewhere. Also good job on pointing out that she does indeed know the area, and considering how she talked, yes, she very much did.
  • double_u wrote: »
    One part I never found believable was when kenny and lee went to ambush molly at the new stand. We had her in our line of sight during the approach, but by the time lee got up there, she vanished and was behind lee. Parkour or not it seems a bit far fetched.

    I see this scene quoted a lot, but I have a very different view because the "disappearing act" was entirely possible and can be done by anyone in this forum had we been in Molly's position.

    Did everyone forget the newsstand had an OPEN ENTRANCE??? It's really simple:

    1) Molly sensed someone creeping up from behind, she goes down.

    2) Lee crept up to the newsstand and stopped at the front.

    3) Contrary to what's believed, Molly didn't go POOF! and appear right behind Lee. She crawled out from where she got in and while Lee was peeping into the newsstand, she crept from his right and to behind him.

    Lee did not see her because he was up and trying to peek into the newsstand and because she's dead silent. What's so difficult to understand how this was done? :confused:

    The only question that should be asked but wasn't is why and how Kenny missed out all these and did not come out even after Lee was knocked down flat and was nearly going to have his brains ice-picked.
  • Molly was a great character. She gives the player information about Crawford and introduced it before Molly you had no idea, And the story feels right about why see left. She needed to be a smart and strong character! Otherwise se didn’t make it out alive alone. Without Molly the episode didn’t make sense. So I know the reason why she made an appearance inside the Walking Dead!
  • The way I looked at it Molly is kinna like Michonne from the graphic novels. She just pure badassery! But she isnt as loyal to Lee as Michonne is to Rick. But she was a different type of character than the others. While the other characters have more limitations, she rose above them in that sense, but at the end o the day she is human and she cannot take on 10 walkers by herself, so she still needed the group, but does better as lone wolf as well.
  • ^pic above^ I would really enjoy that scenario if those two were to link up in the next one!

    I u look at it and think about it only reason Molly saved Kenny and Lee was b/c of lil' Clem
  • kevinStark wrote: »

    I support that!
  • When Molly leaves, She tells Lee to take care of clam. She leaves because she don’t want to take away an space on the boat, Because she can take care for herself without the boat so she leaves. (If you / clam shoot the zombies of her back inside Crawford) Will she comes back for clam when she knows Lee’s dead / the boat idea is of? TOTALLY!!!!
  • kevinStark wrote: »

    No. Just no. I really don't like Molly. She may be cool and all, but I don't really like her. She is out of place in the story because all the survivors have believable traits and flaws, while she's just a badass zombie-killing chick.
  • Kaserkin wrote: »
    No. Just no. I really don't like Molly. She may be cool and all, but I don't really like her. She is out of place in the story because all the survivors have believable traits and flaws, while she's just a badass zombie-killing chick.

    What people do you think survive the longest inside the world like the walking dead? :confused:
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