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Wired Xbox controller issues

posted by DanH84 on - last edited - Viewed by 263 users

just bought this in the steam sale and looking forward to playing it. I installed the game and started it up, however my 360 controller wasn't detected and didn't do anything. I had a look under controls in settings and there was nothing about gamepad support?

I've tried exiting and rebooting the game with my controller plugged in.
Rebooting pc with controller plugged in.
Verifying game cache.
Uninstalling/reinstalling game.
Borrowing friends wired 360 controller.
Changing usb ports the controller is connected to.

I've played these games with a controller today:

So I'm fairly sure controller is ok.

I'm running windows 7 64 bit. Could anyone help me get this set up please? I know I can play using kb and mouse but I'd prefer to be lounging on my bed as I play instead tbh!
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  • Hey I managed to fix it.I have a speedpad (a belkin n52) type thing for games and for some reason it was interfering with the walking dead detecting my controller. Diabling the profile enabled twd to detect my controller. Odd that it's worked for other games but not a big problem. Enjoying game now :)
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