Just completed 1st time

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Hey as title says I just completed the game for the first time (only got it yesterday) I loved it.

I tried to play the game as I would if it was a real life situation. I dont think I did to well :(

Heres why - At the end Lee's dead, Clem shot me (when I say I'll miss you Clem I had a lump in my throat) and the only other survivors are Omid and Christa and possibly Kenny didn't see him die.

Everyone else I met is dead.

After the credits Clem is all alone in a field with 2 far away people, dont know who they are, maybe walkers.

So how much did I suck at this or is my outcome the best you can get.

If its possible can you tell me how to save more of my group or at the very least have Lee survive to stay with Clem.

Also if TWD2 comes out I hope they continue Clems story.



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