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Episode 2 won't download to iPad

posted by Titan6969 on - last edited - Viewed by 778 users
I've purchased episode 2 for my ipad and have attempted to download several times, but to no avail. It keeps saying that my connection was lost and is unable to download. There is nothing wrong with my Internet connection. What can I do?? I'm pretty disappointed with this as the first episode was amazing and was looking forward to the second.
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  • This is so frustrating. Keep getting download error connection lost. Have since found out that this appears to be a common problem and despite lots of promises months ago it is still happening!!

    Had I known that after 30 attempts at the worlds slowest download I would get this error over and over again I certainly wouldn't have shelled out for the next episode. No consistency with the problem either, sometimes it gets to 50% and sometimes 2%!

    Please do not tell me to turn it off and on again or reload or uninstall as have tried them all. It appears the game itself is knocking the Internet connection out?????

    Please advise if you know a fix a it's driving me crazy!!!! :(:mad::confused:

    Hazie x
  • Omg so Episode 2 finally downloaded at about 1AM! Now same problem with number 3. Maybe try to download late night/ early morning? Prob coincidence but u never know x
  • Thanks Ali-r :-)

    I seem to have some luck in constantly connecting to this web page and tricking the connection into staying put, if that fails I may need to try this x
  • No problem, I hope you wont need my solution :-)
  • Weirdly my trick seemed it work!?!? Could be coincidence but hey at least it downloaded :-) x
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