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All of a sudden I need a telltale games account.

posted by Nilpferkoenig on - last edited - Viewed by 499 users
I started the Walking Dead today after having bought it about two days ago when it was on sale on Steam.

I'm already done with the first two episodes and half way through third and now it's asking me for a Telltale Games account?

Excuse me but what the shit is this? There was no mention of me having to create another account next to my Ubisoft one, my Rockstar Social Club, my Origin account and my Steam account just to play a game.
This is absolutely absurd.

Still, now I've registered on this stupid website and it wants me to email you about my order number. What order number?!?!
Holy crap, I just want to be able to play one game nowadays without having any stupid problems. One of the reasons why people switch to pirating is because they don't have to deal with this kind of ripoff, it just runs smoothly, straight after the download. No registrations, no limitations, just pure fun.
Just please let me play my game that I paid for, is that too much to ask?:confused:
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