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TWD crash on connecting

posted by halldorr on - last edited - Viewed by 9.4K users
Picked up a copy of TWD for my wife on Steam as I loved the game but she just can't play the damn thing. We have identical computers as far as hardware goes and it ran just fine for me.

Here are the things we've pulled from the forums and tried so far:

1) Played with compatibility sittings, tried them all but no luck
2) Set run as administrator, no luck, set to all users, no luck
3) Tried replacing a DLL here and there as suggested, no luck
4) We don't have controllers but we pulled all USB stuff one by one, no luck
5) Disable internet connection - this appeared to work

Is there a fix to this? I'd like her to be able to play as the game intended and have the Steam sync work properly for her without having to always disabling her internet connection.

We're both on Windows 7 64bit and we connect tot he web through a home router. Seems odd that it would crash on connecting but that is where we seem to have an issue every time.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    So is that a "yes, it works by disabling IPv4?"
  • Yea, because i have no internet the moment i disable it.

    The game works just like it does when i disconnect network cable (Which is what the protocol is for. The IPV4 protocol is the one answering for the IP recognition and data transfer between two devices. No protocol = No data flow)
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Yes, i know what it does, i just wanted to know if it also makes the crash disappear as expected.

    I would like to try a process monitor log of a crash again, but this time during a clean boot with as little other applications running as possible.
    This time when you save it, please select "All Events". That way i should be able to see much more than the last time.
    Earlier we filtered it, so i could not see what other processes do. Maybe this way i can see something that happens before it crashes, that doesn't happen on my system.

    The file will be big, so i suggest to .zip it.
  • These few minutes of loggings are making a file almost a gigabyte big -.-
  • Okay, by pre-opening the game i managed to make it 55 MB big... Uploading
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Weird. I only had 50-100MB including the steam start, and that was not even during a clean boot.
    But at least they can be compressed really well.
  • Well i picked "All events" - Or did i do anything wrong?

    Gonna re-read the first post you asked me to use it
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Yes, that's the important difference this time.
  • Ow, i will re-do it again without saving it as "All events" -.- sorry
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    DjNDB Moderator
    perilomo wrote: »
    Ow, i will re-do it again without saving it as "All events" -.- sorry

    what, no... "All events" is correct.

    I did another quick test with "all events", and got 275MB, but only 25MB after zipping it. Including steam start up, running TWD, closing TWD.
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