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Details Rant

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I want to start off with the fact that I really enjoy this game, I just finished Episode three in fact. However there are a few details that bug me and on in particular that I find rather taxing. The whole inability to save either Doug or Carley let alone both of them issue aside During Chapter 7 of Episode two towards the end when the crazed, homicidal, cannibalistic dairy farmer has the kid at gun point is what has really been bothering me. First of all anyone who would use a kid as a human shield is a douche and anyone who uses a rifle to use any one as a human shield is a dumb ass douche. Second the shooting of kenny; now lets review the situation, the farmer has his left hand on ducks left shoulder keeping him infront of him and his right hand is holding up the hunting rifle to the back of duck's head. Now glossing over how much a wooden stock hunting rifle actually weighs he swings wide and shoots kenny as he charges him now he returns the rifle to the back of duck's head, the rifle is bolt-action, if you look close you can see the bolt so it's not a semi-auto. Here is were it gets really painful for me, you never see nor hear him cycle the bolt and given the fact that duck did not run away screaming for cover it is save to assume that he kept his hand on duck's shoulder the whole time which would make it impossible to work the bolt on the rifle with just one hand. At this point he is holding an un loaded rifle (as the spent cartridge is still in the camber) to the kid's head, so where is my take gun and beat him senseless with it option? Instead some how its loaded and goes off in the ensuing struggle. This fact wouldn't be as frustrating alone except for the fact that later in the beginning chapters of episode three as I am stuck behind the RV with the same rifle fending off walkers and bandits i'm stuck with the cycle rate of a bolt action. I know this may seem like a petty and superfluous detail issue that most never notice nor care about but for me it was annoying and a let down to see this in a game that is supposed to be so detail oriented. I mean I had to load the shell into the shotgun in episode one to take out the zombie cop so why doesn't the farmer? even his brother had to reload when confronted in the barn. Does anyone else notice these kinds of things or is it really just me?
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