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TWD save issues

posted by bluej on - Viewed by 216 users
Basically, I can't carry over my decisions from episode 1 to episode 2. I finished episode 1 and my save file is there and its fine, but when I click continue, then "play" on episode 2, it only gives me option to randomly generate choices from episode 1 for some reason.

This is my second playthrough and the same thing happened to me in my first playthrough, however, I decided to just continue on with episode 2 despite the randomly generated choices.

I tested various things out and judging from my first playthrough the prefs.prop solution only works for episodes 2-5.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but in the "Episode Status" thing, episode 1's status is "Not installed" even though it clearly is.

I bought it on steam just a few days ago so I'm sure I have all the updates. Any ideas/help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

  • Choices don't carry over from episode 1 --> 2
  • Prefs.prop solution works for only episodes 2-5
  • Something weird I noticed is that in "episode status", it doesn't say "Installed" for episode 1
  • Bought it on steam if it matters
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