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Seem to be having a different problem...

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So, me and my wife have been playing The Walking Dead on 360. We're currently playing on a 360 4gb slim with a 320 HDD add-on. We've both reached the end of chapter two (after both of us making most of the same choices), and the stats screen locked up for both of us causing us to reset the console. We thought it may have just been a small hiccup due to the choices we made. But upon continuing from that save, the game loads the episode selection screen to episode three, then loads text saying that rewinding from that point will lose progress or something along those lines. That makes ZERO sense, the episode hadn't even started... But what was strange was that it's JUST text. No corresponding buttons for (A) yes or (B) no. And you cant highlight either of the choices. Upon pressing either button, the screen goes all black and locks up. Same on both of our saves.

So after some internet research, we read that the 4gb slim could be the issue. So with some optimism, we copied our saves to a flash drive and tried it on my old black elite console from a few years ago. Right from the get go, the game stuttered and lagged all the way to the menu. So that's a whole different problem all together. But after trying to load the save, it does the exact same thing. (I knew it probably wouldnt work, but we've enjoyed the hell out of the game so far so we we're down to try anything.)

And I'm sure I'm about to get someone telling me to start a new game on the old console, but honestly, its not even remotely playable. It took over 5 minutes to go from dashboard to menu. I could see actual delay in trying to navigate the menu.

I bought the Collectors Edition for my wife who is a huge TWD fan...and I'm extremely disappointed. Telltale, i would like some answers please.

Thank You
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