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Episode 3 Save Lost

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I got to Episode 3 Chapter 3 and saved my progress like I always do (while connected to Xbox Live). I shut the Xbox 360 off (2009 Xbox model 120 gig HD). I came back playing after dinner and when rebooted the game again, it started from episode 1. It erased all my save information. Do I honestly, need to finish this game in one sitting from Episode 3 to 5? Or should I just wait until a new patch? Thanks. Awesome game so far...
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  • There is no consistent fix/patch you can use... regardless of which system you're on.

    There's a thread about it here with a poll.

    It also doesn't matter if you play in one setting or not. I lost my games just migrating from episode 2 to 3 and I didn't even turn off or log out or go to the dashboard between episodes.
  • Thanks. I guess I will try to finish the game again and hope it doesn't happen. But this time I make a copy of the save. There isn't much I can do but I will try again.
  • I was playing from one sitting and even then, I started my save file up, to find it starting up episode 1, I then quit to the main menu to find that the save file now says "episode 1". All of my stats, gone!
  • I started another game from the start. I got a little further in Episode 3 and it seems to be in near the end. Same result. I lost all my data. But this time I tried to start Episode 3 and it seems like the game saved my stats so I don't have to start from start. I might just give up at this point.
  • Created an account here just to say I'm in the same boat. BUT, even when I try to start from Ep 3, it goes right back to Ep1. Everything's downloaded, I paid for the games. Is there any fix? I'm going to try deleting the Ep 3 game data and redownload.
  • There is no fix. I am going to delete the game and re-download the game. That sometimes downloading it again solves this problem with most XBLA games. But I reckon it won't solve our problem. I it again and I can't beat Ep 3 again for 3rd time due to a save glitch then I might very well give up.
  • Update, That fixed it. I deleted all the game content and kept my save. Re-downloaded the main game and ep 3. Started at ep 3 and it has all my stats still.
  • I got it working as well. I got halfway through ep 5. Good stuff.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you have the retail disc version of the game and cannot load an episode other than episode 1, and are playing offline with an xbox live enabled profile, connecting to xbox live should resolve the issue.

    If your save from a later episode reset to Episode 1 when it was loaded, you may be able to recover your progress by using a method another forum member posted. Copy your save from slot 1 to slot 3 and then load the last Episode you were playing in slot 1. The episode should begin from the beginning. This was confirmed by other forum members to load the episode with all prior choices intact. Please note that we have not been able to confirm if this method works.

    We are investigating both of these issues and hope to have a solution soon.
  • Matt you told 4 people about that but nothing about the disc being fix... You and your boss ain't fixing anything...
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