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Please Give Us an Editor to Remind the Game Where the Saves Are!

posted by Canaith on - Viewed by 199 users
I got through episode 4 last time I played and then episode 5 started. I called it a night and logged in the next time ready to see what was going to happen at this exciting stage of the story. The save data in the game said I was on Episode 3, though, and the game crashed when I tried to play it.

I did some research and copied some pref.props around so that the game doesn't crash, but the save still starts in the middle of episode three. I see the save game files with the correct time stamps and so forth, but the game doesn't.

So here I am at episode 5 and have two choices: play with homemade choices or go back to episode three and play everything again in a single sitting.

Wouldn't it just make sense for Tell Tale to give us an editor for the pref.props file so we could remind it where the save game files are? If the file wasn't binary we could change it ourselves, but if they gave us an editor we could at least hack our way through getting through the game.
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