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Has anyone heard anything from the company?

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I have yet to get anything back, I've called and emailed a thousand times and never works out well. Have they issued a statement, a recall notice or something? Because so far, it looks like they just don't give a crap and I should try my luck trying to return it to GameStop instead. At least then I might get through to someone.
Has anyone had luck through TellTale?
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  • I guess they are completely overstrained. they don't have that many employers and with the game selling to something like 2 million people I'd imagine the amount of calls and e-mails they get are insanely high. But I agree they seem unresponsive. They should hire 2 or 3 guys who should focus entirely on customer support. They made enough money to afford that.
  • They don't have an official support team... the support is done by QA guys as a side-requirement to their normal job duties.

    But really they've been rather unresponsive ever since Episode 2 came out as a DLC months ago. This is why I can't figure out how they received the Studio of the year award.

    They did a great job developing the game, but they also chose to do all game publishing, distribution, and QA in-house so they could maximize profits. As a result, their combined studio was a comprehensive game company.

    And it's clear they unequivocally failed as a total game company and their studio accolades should be hollow.

    Any other game company would have been destroyed in the press for releasing terrible game quality - I really don't know why Telltale gets a free pass here.

    I bet many game reviewers also ran into the bugs but didn't report on them... which is frustrating because so many gamers are effected by their less than stellar product quality.

    The irony about Telltale's situation is that as long as they don't officially acknowledge that there is an issue, then the gaming press cannot report that there is an issue. Months ago, Telltale said they were working to release patches and improve their game.

    Their patches did nothing, and fixed nothing, but the gaming press reported that Telltale was properly supporting their titles and the gaming press subsequently handed them accolades.

    The gamers with broken games really received nothing and have no recourse for action. It's a pathetic way of operating a gaming company and shows that Telltale games is much worse than Activision, EA, or Ubisoft.
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