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Clementine in the wrong grade?

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When you talk to Clem and Katjaa at Hershel's Farm, Clem states she is in first grade, meaning that she should be 6 or 7 at the oldest. And as we find out in Ep5 She is 8 and turning 9; making this very confusing.

What are your guys opinions, is this a developer over-site or was she held back a year?
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  • Hm,yeah,good point lol.Honestly no idea,I suppose the devs forgot this... :P :D
  • I would think it's an oversight. It's said that Clem is "smart for her age", and she shows a lot of competence.

    Shoot, I started playing Counter-Strike when I was eight years old.
  • What really happened...

    Her parents were in the Peace Corps in a remote area overseas and she missed a grade even though she was "homeschooled" during this time. Furthermore, when her family returned to the U.S. her immunization records needed updating which delayed her entry into school even more.

    By the time things were sorted out, Clem still had to finish first grade but they were in the process of testing her for acceleration to second grade. Unfortunately, because of the slow pace of public school student processing, the Zombie Apocalypse happened first.

    Or... the developers just messed up. :D
  • they should have just said she was in 2nd or 3rd grade. tbh I think it was simply overlooked by the writers.
  • I thought it was a mistake when she said she was in first grade. When the stranger said that she turned 9, I knew that it was a developer oversight.
  • Maybe she was on summer break and about to enter the 2nd grade... :rolleyes:
  • AngryZombie, love it.
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