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TWD: Can the timer be paused during choice selection?

posted by PhilipOConnell on - last edited - Viewed by 577 users
I loved season 1 of The Walking Dead but one significant flaw seriously hampered the experience for me.

I am visually impaired (I can read text but not at a glance like most people it takes me a good few more seconds than everyone else) due to this issue I found myself on multiple occasions making choices at pure random as there was insufficient time to read them.

I understand why this is part of the game (and I like the idea) but t spoils it when it is too quick to allow me to make a genuine choice so considering that problem is it possible to disable or extend the time allowance to make choices?

Also if anyone at telltale reads this please add the option in season 2 to either disable or extend the timer.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I moved this thread to game support.

    As far as i know that's not possible in TWD season 1.

    It would be nice to have the option to slow the choices down a bit, not only for the visually impaired, but also for people with English as a second language, who might take a bit more time to comprehend text.
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