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Fast or Slow Zombies?

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What do you guys prefer, fast sprinting infected which are like rabid animals, like in Dawn of the Dead remake and 24 days later OR slow moaning Romero style zombies like in Night of The Living Dead? Which are more interesting, more threatening, more scary and make for better movies?

For me while fast zombies are scarier and more of a threat, slow zombies are more interesting. Instead of actively tearing apart safe houses and eating survivors, slow zombies box survivors in their holes. I enjoy the phycological aspect of survivors trapped and food and water becoming issues, which is partly why I like Walking Dead so much. So what do you guys think. Fast or slow zombies?
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  • depends on what game!

    if its black ops 2 zombies - fast

    the walking dead - slow

    L4D2 - Fast...

    Dead island - Fast...

    Out of the games listed what game is funner? unrealistic teleporting and a great being above watching us and giving perks - Black ops zombies/wAw/ black ops 2 zombie mode

    L4D2 - Some really freaky weird type of zombies... that sprint like heck

    Dead island - ^^ and how can you get '' boss zombies '' for the all 3 listed above :/

    Rotting corpses can run so fast! seems legit

    TWD - Slow walking corpses, Trap you, Dont run and break the game/show/comic...

    In my opinion TWD wins.

    I dont wanna hate on the other games because i have no issue with them but i just kinda went a bit mean on them to prove a point :/
  • fast would be more dangerous, but I like the classic shamblers, combined with their moans, to me they are just creepier.
  • I prefer slow zombies.
  • I too prefer slow zombies. I think it's better if a corpse walking around has slow and sluggish mobility, since it's a rotting corpse. If it's a story about zombie-like people who are just infected with a virus and aren't really dead, then i prefer fast movement.
  • I am a traditionalist.. I grew up watching the Romero movies as a kid when I should have been sleeping.. so I like the slow shambling zombies.
  • yes.. slow zombies

    proably because if a ZA ever did happen, and they were fast, we'd be fucked!
  • Slow zombies, cause you can outrun them.
  • I prefer the slow zombies. As a survivor group you can simply outrun or avoid them and killing them with melee weapons should be much easier too.
  • Ygdrasel;756937 said:
    A mix.
    Good luck surviving o.o
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