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If you had an option to fix the game, what would you do?

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Lets ignore the decisions don't matter standpoint. That's to big.

But characters or narrative.

For example, if i was the director of the game I would have Katja throw herself off the train rather than commit sucicide right next to duck.

I would have liked time for that to bake in the oven, metaphorically speaking rather than it to just happen right then and there.

I would've also kept the reporter alive longer and would have tried to create maybe a romance of some sort. I think having Lee maybe not fall in love with someone, but find someone to sleep with at night would've made the game a bit more deeper in that regard.

What would you guys fix or enhance?
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  • End of episode 3. Explosion when you kick the blowtorch down to the diesel.
  • Make Lee survive / delete scene with his bite.
  • I'd change a few things to help keep the illusion of choice a bit more.

    A few ex. If you don't give Irene the gun, instead of her attacking and getting the gun you leave her screaming for mercy.
    If you choose to save Shawn you can "save" him but he still gets bit. We leave the farm thinking he is all right, but in the next scene with Larry learn that the bite is lethal.
    Have Carley and Doug die at separate points. Having them die at the same place the same way reinforced the notion that it didn't matter you who saved they would play the exact same role.
    Saving Omid or Christa on the train I would take out the choice, Its pointless and no matter who you save they say the same thing. I would just have Christa jump up on her own and pull up Omid because he has a hurt leg.
    Those are a few things there are more in the game that I would change slightly.

    I would also add in finding something eat in the latter episodes. The first two episodes dealt with food but nothing in the last 3 when we had no supplies.
  • I think when duck dies katjaa doesnt kill herself but maybe in episode 3/4 katjaa asks kenny to commit suicide with her.

    I think christa + 1 should have been alive and met clem....

    Campman should've made a better appearance... he died in what, after a second?
    Campman should've been like the governer....
    Campman should've made clem get bit or something...
    Campman should've had a crew
    Campman should've had a better evil voice...

    We should've had a bitten person join the group and they turn and kill ( ???? )
  • Change the part of the train thing, i mean, there's no power and such, and I'm sure there wasnt enough coal and such.

    Also change the Carley scene when she gets shot. Let it hit someone else/not kill her, like injure her or hit in the shoulder/ someone to get hit like Ben or lee.

    there is a thread i think with an alternative take on the carley scene. i wish some patchers/guys could modify that and maybe incorporate em.
  • Phil_TWD wrote: »
    Keep Carley alive, or if someone had to die, it would be Ben.

    i would have killed ben instead of carley. it hurts when i see the cutscene again
  • Remake ep 5 to make it different depending on your choices.
  • I would have liked the food thing to matter more. Maybe the characters you didnt feed have a 50/50 percent of getting injured? Just an idea.

    Also i would LOVE a chance to shoot Lilly. I mean she killed an innocent women and could murder again! We should have been able just to put her out of her misery and not risk any more deaths :P
  • Have Lee MENTION Chuck's death to everyone else.
    ACTUALLY confront Lilly about her killing Doug/Carley.
    Telling Clem about what happened to the others.
    Having Molly find the group in Ep5.
  • Let Chuck die at Crawford instead of the beginning of Ep 4.

    Give Larry more lines before his death.

    Observe how the rest of the group reacts to Chuck's death (Seriously, its like they didn't even care :(
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