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Which character in this game you hate the most?

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At first, I hate Larry because hes a dick when he hit me on the face. But later in the farm, he seem to be better and I begin to not hate him. And in chapter 3, Carly death is so FKING SHOCKING and I FKING HATE LILY and LEFt her. So I hate Lily the MOST.
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  • Ben, he was indirectly responsible for the deaths of Carley, Kat and Duck. All of whom I liked way more than him. I don't hate Lilly, despite the fact that she killed Carley. She was broken at that point.

    Ben is also indirectly responsible for the death of Chuck, who gets killed rescuing Clem after Ben abandoned her.
    k1ngMe wrote: »
    No, you got it wrong. Carley was a HUGE threat at the time. Nobody knew for sure that it was Ben, which gave reason to believe it was Carley working with the bandits. Hell, even I thought it was Carley. Eliminating threats is something any good leader would have to do in order to keep their group safe. And quit acting like Lilly didn't care about the group. If she didn't care, she wouldn't have put that much effort into the group in the first place.

    A good leader doesn't shoot someone based on paranoid delusions, particularly when that someone also happens to be one of the group's most loyal and combat-effective members.

    Lilly murdered a completely innocent person in cold blood, and further endangered the group both by robbing it one of its best fighters (Carley) and by guaranteeing Lilly's own exile from it. A good leader would know there would be no coming back from murdering Carley, and that it would fracture the group. A good leader would also know that the best time to deal with the traitor situation, was after everyone had some rest and a chance to clear their heads. It was a decision that had to be made with logic, not emotion.

    I'm not someone who hates Lilly. I think she is a sad, tragic character...I'd love to see her return in the sequel and somehow redeem herself. But as a leader, she is completely inept, particularly after Larry's death. By act three Lilly was uninhinged, and not capable of leading anything.
  • The dick on the radio, he made lee get bitten and therefore Clem have to go out on her own.
  • Vernon

    I'm really hoping we can skull-fuck him with a sledgehammer next season.
  • Vernon. This guy is the biggest asshole in the game. He's all "Oh were not like Crawford we're gonna help you", just to lower our guard so he can steal the only hope of 3 adults and 2 kids to save a few old and sick folks.
  • Campman.
    The way he just called me out on every single thing I did and would not let me explain. Man, he was a dick.

  • Scaeva wrote: »
    Ben is also indirectly responsible for the death of Chuck, who gets killed rescuing Clem after Ben abandoned her.

    Oh yeah, I had forgotten him! Poor Chuck. :(
    The dick on the radio, he made lee get bitten and therefore Clem have to go out on her own.

    When you think about it, Clem is also partly to blame for multiple reasons. She should have told everyone about the man on the radio the first time she had contact with him, she certainly shouldn't have continued to talk to him.
  • I actually felt sorry for Campman. I think its worse if you didn't steal from the car and mostly did good things, but I stole from the car and did a few things I regretted (not get to Clementine in time before she ate Mark and also the whole Lilly situation), so I felt guilt the whole time he was talking to me. And I didn't expect him to be the owner of the car in Episode 2. It's weird how insignificant that choice to take the car stuff felt at the time. But I still thought he needed to be killed because he was a threat, but I messed up with the button mashing and Clementine shot him for me. I didn't mind that so much though.
    Oh yeah, I had forgotten him! Poor Chuck.

    And Brie, lol. Ben got more humans killed than walkers, he was worse than Carl from the TV show.
  • double_u wrote: »
    At one point, I did believe Lilly cared about the group and definitely empathisized with her role as leader and distributor of limited supplies. However, after chatting with her in episode 2 at the farm, I get the feeling that all she cared about was Larry and herself, and the group was there to shield them. Just my hunch anyway.

    I felt the same way. Tried to help her. Felt terrible about what happened to her father. Even let her back in the RV at the last second. Figured Lee got a second chance after killing someone maybe she should get one too. But in the end I think she didn't care about anyone but herself and her father, and anyone else was only there for her and his benefit.

    Also, good or bad intentions, she really was a terrible leader. The first time you meet her she's yelling at Carley and Glenn for not letting five people get eaten right outside. But after her father has a heart attack (for yelling at Carley for shooting a walker who was in the store) she starts begging you to get pills for him. So leaving the pharmacy to save five people people is a careless risk, but leaving the pharmacy to get keys to save your elderly father who suffered a heart attack because he wouldn't stop yelling like an asshole isn't an unnecessary risk?

    During your first team effort as a group: Kenny tells everyone to gather supplies, assures Lilly they'll get her dad the pills (right after Larry nearly threw Kenny's son out), tells Doug to be the watchmen and for Carley to rest to keep her accuracy sharp. Glenn suggests going out on his own so he can get enough gas to get them out of downtown, Lee gives him a radio, Lilly...shoots a dirty look at Carley for offhandedly calling Kenny "boss".


    And then on the way out of the Pharmacy she's crying about how important it is to get her dad out while Kenny is barking out orders left and right in an effort to get everyone to safety. Then after her asshole father tries to kill Lee (the guy who got him those life saving pills), Kenny comes back and saves Lee's life, even if Lee sided with Larry earlier.

    Next episode she's complaining about rationing food even though Mark says she uses a lottery to decide who eats. The mighty leader lets random numbers decide who eats, then complains about how hard it is. Maybe you just split it evenly or possibly favor the people you send out for more food so they'll be more able bodied and therefore will bring back more food. (Bet Mark would have gotten that bird if he had eaten before he left.)

    I also wouldn't be surprised if she were secretly giving her father extra food, seeing as he's every bit as able bodied as he was in Episode 1 while everyone else is complaining about fainting spells and hunger pains. She would probably rationalize it by saying he needs more food since he has a medical condition and that it's okay not to tell the others because they "wouldn't understand".

    Anytime she's losing an argument she just changes subjects. She actually invokes Godwin's law when Kenny starts questioning her crappy leadership. In Episode 3 when asked about leaving the Motor Inn she brings up what happened to her father instead. She completely ignores the fact that they're running out supplies to scavenge in Macon or the fact the bandits in the woods want them dead. (The latter being a particularly important point since apparently there really wasn't much stopping said Bandits from barging in and taking everyone hostage other than Ben's deal.)

    Seriously, she was a horrendous leader in retrospect. She mentions in the first episode she mostly did admin and mechanical stuff in the Air Force, and it shows. She governs like a self-righteous bureaucrat. She complains about being in charge, refuses to listen to anyone and really has no plan beyond doing the exact same thing they're already doing no matter what happens or how the situation changes.

    I still feel bad for her, seeing as it was obviously her father pushing her into the role of leader (sure as shit wasn't anyone else in the group). He constantly berates her anytime she acts like less than a bossy asshole and she clearly never worked up the courage to tell her old man off, so she just does whatever he says to placate him. She even says she didn't agree with him on the Duck being bitten thing, but didn't object just the same.

    Anytime Larry and Lilly disagree she caves to whatever Larry says and she makes excuse after excuse to cover for him. It's probably been that way her whole life. Constantly vying for her father's approval by doing what he wants, then covertly running damage control with other people because on some level she knows he's a jackass. And since she probably never got the nerve up to go against her father, he probably chased off any possible friends she could ever make. And that would make him all Lilly has in the world, and that probably caused her to double down on appeasing him out of fear of being completely alone. Lilly's life was probably a tragedy before the zombie apocalypse. :(

    I not sure if I actually hate Lilly though. I know on at least some level I pity her. Ironically the few times she's right about something is when no one listens to her. After Mark gets hit with an arrow she's suggests getting their food to go and head back to the Motor Inn, which is what I wanted to do. But her father insists on not offending the St. Johns. (Great judge of character there dad. Try to murder the person who saved your life, put the moves on the mother of a family of murderous cannibals.)

    Now when you find the "abandoned" station wagon, Lilly says:

    “If they come back, then we’re just monsters who came out of the woods and ruined their lives.”


    Good call. Too bad without her dad to back her up she didn't feel confident enough to exert her authority on this issue. Oh well. :D
  • Wow. Ben was only mentioned a couple times and only three people put him as their 'most hated' character. Which makes me all kinds of happy, seeing as I like Ben.

    OT: At certain times I might have hated one character or another, even Ben when he left Clem, but at the end of season I couldn't find it in me to truly hate any of them. They all had their flaws and virtues.
  • Wow, great analysis Jaded X Gamer. Your post totally put into words the reasons I began suspecting Lilly as really only out for her father.
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