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Which character in this game you hate the most?

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At first, I hate Larry because hes a dick when he hit me on the face. But later in the farm, he seem to be better and I begin to not hate him. And in chapter 3, Carly death is so FKING SHOCKING and I FKING HATE LILY and LEFt her. So I hate Lily the MOST.
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  • i don't hate any of them, since everyone is (quite) reasonable, Larry only wanted to protect his daughter even though he was trying to kill us...
    the guy on the radio is reasonable too, you messed with him, and that got his family killed, so he messes with YOUR family and that would be clem... unfortunately, i would hate him if he had gotten Clem killed though.
    i can't hate Ben because... seriously he IS trying to do his best and on the streets in ep4 he was scared, i mean i didn't forgive him for the most mistakes but, i kinda understand him. he fucks up over and over again, tries harder and fucks up way harder.
  • Gotta go with Larry. Lilly may have gone overboard with things, but she at least shows appreciation when you support her actions. Larry? Nothing you do has any effect on how he treats you. After everything you went through to save his life at the pharmacy, first thing he does is try to kill you. Sorry, but he made the meat locker choice very easy for me. Your head is jell-o, old man.
  • Well I didn't hate any characters but there are some annoying characters like Lily and her dad. Jesus I was happy to lost them both.
  • AwkwardlyNERD;757774 said:
    I never liked Carley or Duck too much.
    I preferred Doug and Shawn. I would have liked to have been able to save Doug and Shawn without them dying anyway.
    Yeah, there should've been multiple endings where the ones you tried to save survived.
    I liked Shawn but Kenny ended up disliking me =.=
  • Firstly, Jaded X Gamer, you rock.

    I have a few people I disliked- i will say these by episode:

    Episode 1:
    1) Hershal- yeah he can be all grumpy and old and shit, but stop being a douche- i know you lose your son, but no need to be all suspicious of me

    2) Larry- i dont like assholes- especially yelling assholes who jump to conclusions and dont actually think about the consequences to their decisions
    -he punches Lee after Lee KILLS HIS BROTHER (zombie or not) to get the keys for that asshat.
    -hes constantly grumpy, and while his lines are kinda funny, hes a jerk to everyone even his own daughter

    3) Lilly- shes all kinds of bitchy and not very nice when she loses control of the group

    Episode 2

    Larry- again, total douche

    The Bandits- ALL of them

    The St. Johns- Especially the creepy younger brother who im guessing would have kissed his gun had Lee not been standing there looking at him like the gun molester that he was

    Kenny- for making me kill Larry

    Lily- for making me kill Larry

    Episode 3

    Lily- shes unhinged, selfish, stupid and irrational. Plus, even though she was right about the "count being off" with the supplies, she shoots Carly so that she can be the dominant female. And im guessing she had a crush on Lee, and might have been pissed that Lee liked Carly over her.

    the bandits- causes people to get killed or bitten by walkers. Though I enjoyed the Bandits being killed by the walkers.

    Ben- for not being smart enough to tell people what he was doing and for getting people killed.

    Episode 4

    Christa- why do you have to be so bitchy about the radio? Like I was going to take that thing away from my girl?

    Vernon- for being an asshat- full stop

    The people in crawford

    Molly- she was a badass but reminded me of Lilly

    Lilly- oh.. shes not in this episode..

    Episode 5

    - Vernon- i dont need a reason

    -Radio man..

    -Lilly.. oh wait..

    :) Comment away :)
  • Vernon. He is an old sneaky bastard.
  • I thought it would be Larry. But damn...

  • Campman for kidnapping Clem, followed closely by Larry.
  • I wouldn't hate Vernon if he wasn't such a dick, pulling a gun on me when he first sees me, talking like I'm not a good parent for Clem and stealing the boat. That's why I hate Vernon.
  • Travis and Irene
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