Can't access Walking Dead Episodes 2-5 on PS3

I bought the Walking Dead game upon release and have downloaded each episode when it came out. I downloaded episode 5 weeks ago but just now sat down to play it. When I logged into the game, it downloaded a patch. Now, when I choose the Play option, it only gives me episode 1 to play. I still have my Trophies for Episodes 1-4. If I can't play episode , I very seriously want a refund. I write a video game column for my local newspaper and my column runs next week with my "best of 2012". Without any hesitation, I was giving Walking Dead my game of the year. Now, it won't make my list, AT ALL. Such a great story and world. Despite the horrible gameplay, I still was really invested in the story. But.... having to waste time to write this post and then seek out a solution to the problem is already a huge NEGATIVE on the game. Why do ALL of my other games always work without any problems?
I understand that games are all going to be downloadable games in the future. And this is sad to me. Why not just buy Call of Duty and know that 100% of the time the game disc will work? I have never had an issue with Saves on my PS3 and this is the only issue I had with a game from 2012. Very disappointing. I WILL NOT play through the other episodes again.
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