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Finally got Walking Dead 2-5 on iphone to work!!

posted by Wignowski on - last edited - Viewed by 611 users
I purchased Walking Dead 2-5 on iphone after playing Episode 1 and loving it. It kept saying "Coming Soon" and I couldn't figure it out. I read all the threads and googled the problem to see that many, many were having the same issue. Matt from the Telltale Team suggested on one of the threads that it's not a problem with the server and gave some pointers. I uninstalled the game and shut the iphone off for like 5 minutes to clear the cache. Then I installed the game the next day and went somewhere where I had strong wifi signal and opened the game. There was an exclamation point like an alert on the "Episodes" button and when I touched it, it asked me if I wanted to buy the multi-pack. I did and it said I had already purchased it and that I could now download it for free. Now instead of it saying "Coming Soon" they all said "Purchased" with a button to "Get". I did one by one and downloaded them all. The difference for me was that I opened the game with strong wifi showing that it read that I had purchased them and was able to download them from the server. It works! Awesome!
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  • This, sir, was the solution for me.

    So, many thanks to you !

    Just have to overcome the usual fear of answering "Yes, this is normal, I want to pay again for something I already paid for". And then AppStore answers "Oh. You already paid it. Let me let you download it for free."

    Trolling AppStore !
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