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Your Opinion on Carley's injury.

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Ok, first of all, you guys who say it's not an injury but death should just shut up. An injury could be fatally, mortally or slightly wounding. A fatal injury is the same as death. I just used injury cus I don't like being reminded about what happened to her, because I liked her character/personality whatever.

you don't say "Im sorry for his death" to a loved one but you say "Im sorry for his passing." it sounds less grave or whatever.


In other words, do you think her injury was realistic/instant fatal injury could happen due to a shot to the cheek? and a shot there could cause that fatal injury?
My opinion is that a gunshot to the cheek will not be fatal. It would hurt a lot, and probably pass through your jaw and some blood vessels, but in my opinion, it wasn't that realistic and wouldn't kill instantly. I talked to my dad and he said that it wouldn't be fatal since it did not pass through the brain but would probably puncture some blood vessels, but not kill. It would cause significant injury.

I think so too. A gunshot to the cheek isn't that fatal. What's more is that she was shot while she was facing sideways, not facing lily directly meaning it passed through her other jaw and so it didnt hit the brain. (if carley was facing lilly face to face it might hit some vital parts like maybe graze the brain) Basically, i don't think it could be instant death. Plus, i don't think it's that realistic for her to die instantly without speaking a word. You can see many guys with disformed jaws still very much alive.
What's your opinion on this? Will it hurt her fatally?

Please respond. :) POSITIVELY. I would respect your opinion, (but i wont if its full of crap and such)
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  • She's dead. This holds even less water than the theory that Lee isn't dead.
  • I know that, no question.
    Right now, people are discussing whether it hit the brain or not. Her desth is related, but right now we are talking about the brain.
    We know shes dead. I made this thread a while back
  • CarleyandLeeTWD;760362 said:
    I dont think the bullet hit the brain. Lilly was holding it normally, one handed. The bullet of course travels in a straight path. She was shot when she was turning her head so probably there was an exit wound in the other cheek. Basically, she was facing sidewards, then she gets shot. The bullet travels straight, so i dont get how it hits the brain. Lilly was holding thr gun normally, not tilted or angled.
    Was discussed before. A Hand is almost always below a head. So the angle of the bullet is upwards. This is confirmed by basic physical logic aswell as confirmed by the lightning effects (see pictures above) which further proof the angle of the bullet.

    But why are we even discussing this. She is dead for sure. I mean, her death is even more certain than the deaths of Shawn, Brie and Ben.
  • She wasnt perfectly side on in one cheek out the other XD You can see Lillys gun is about 10/11 oclock to her head BOOM
    I was like
    "Ha in yo face Lilly Carley owned you... Ih hey Kenny Oh sh*t she grabbing her PETCHAW Damn it Lilly
  • Guys, she's dead.
    As is Doug,
    Kenny (probably) and a few other characters.
  • Okay, she wasn't killed by a 9mm bullet passing through her brains. She was left by the side of the road and she died of bloodloss with a huge part of her brain missing and spread on Ben's jacket. You happy now?
  • SANAFABICH;760314 said:
    WOW, is this real life? IS THIS THREAD REALLY HAPPENING?
    Is this just fantasy?
  • anonymau5;760592 said:
    Is this just fantasy?
    caught in a zombie herd
  • SANAFABICH;760314 said:
    WOW, is this real life? IS THIS THREAD REALLY HAPPENING?
    I think some people here don't understand just how large the human brain is.
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