For those who chose Doug over Carley. Explain why.



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    Sadly i haven't played the game (just watched a TON of playthroughs on youtube) but i would like to share my opinion.

    I think all the arguments you are making as to why Doug or Carley are better, based on their actions in episodes 2 & 3,are pointless because you make the decision in episode 1,during the pharmacy scene.

    I just wish Telltale would have done this:
    Let's just say we have 3 persons:
    A: Carley.Exactly the same with game Carley personality wise,story wise etc. BUT replace her character model with that of Brie's.
    B: Doug.Same personality,story etc. BUT replace his character model with Shawn's.
    C: A girl,lets call her Donna.Same personality and story as Doug (just different gender) AND she has Carley's character model.
    If the players had to choose between A and B,or A and C,then we would see how many people would choose the nice,useful person with the gun...Enough said.

    If i could have played the game blindly,i would definitely have chosen Doug because he seems to be in more immediate danger.Simple as that.(plus,when the timer starts,Clementine is looking in Doug's direction.Maybe that would have affected my decision too)

    If i could play the game now,knowing what happens,i would choose Carley for two reasons.1)The option to reveal your past is pretty cool.2)Well...i'm totally worthless when it comes to pointing and shooting at things.I'm sure i would have a lot of trouble during the bandits and zombies shooting in episode 3.(i thought this is an adventure game)Carley covers the left part of the RV at some point and that would make my life easier (as a player).I know it's the lamest excuse in the world and i'm pathetic.Don't judge! :o

    The conclusion is Doug instead of Carley.Oh..and i agree with those who said that Doug is underdeveloped compared to her.I really hope they save him tomorrow in the live playthrough.Although i kind of doubt it... :mad:

    Sorry for the long,first post!
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    "I was going to save both of you"
    Honestly? I thought both of them would be able to make it if I saved Doug as Carley had a gun and a free foot while Doug was pretty much pinned to the wall. Hey, there have been choices where both sides get to survive (Saving Omid or Christa) and I thought this was one on my first playthrough.

    That, and I knew everyone would save the attractive girl.
    Also my "Fallout senses" were tingling and I thought we might need to use Doug's science skill to operate a laser to save everyone during the climax... if only I knew how I was right but not in the way I've imagined.

    To the people saying they picked Doug over Carley because of batteries... does that mean we value and save people solely on their skills and how dependent they Crawford?
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    I chose Dough because he was far more likable. Carley had this Pulitzer prize attitude I loathed. And I don't regret it, Dough was one of the few honest and good people on the game. Too bad what happened.
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    I like Dough too. My favorite is cookie Dough.
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    I can tell why I almost chose Doug.

    I thought he was intelligent, and I was kinda glad that he didn't know Lee was a felon. Carley vouched for Doug.

    On a different note, the battery thing with Carley didn't bother me so much. I thought it was funny.
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    i will save carly beacous they will have a cute romantic scence on episode 3.
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    I can't be assed to rifle through each reply to this thread - too long...
    If the following reasoning has already been posted, I apologise.
    Okay - well, here we go...

    As soon as Carley told Lee that she knew who he was, I was willing to play along - she said that his murderous trait could be of use, after all.

    But the next words to come out of her mouth were something along the lines of "But if I think you're a detriment to the group..."

    Define detriment, Carley...

    I saw this as a threat - I thought that from now on, if I didn't do things her way, Lee gets kicked out, and Clementine would be taken away from him (I thought Lee was the most fit to take care of her at the time; still do).

    So I decided there and then that if Carley's life were in danger, I would leave her for dead. :D
    I would only save her if it were between her and Larry.

    Carley died in Episode 1, and I was feeling pretty good about my chances UNTIL Larry said he knew Lee's secret as well. I let a girl die for nothing.

    I saved Doug, and the only things I regret were not being able to tell the group of my past on my own terms, and that Doug died for Ben (who I also killed later).

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