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For those who chose Doug over Carley. Explain why.

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Well, it seems we are a small % of people who actually decided to help Doug instead of Carley. I mainly decided not to save her because she seemed to be the only one who knew about Lee being a murderer so I considered her a threat, I know many people decided to save her because she was "hot", but come on guys, she confessed she was in love with doug.

It seems I may have missed a nice character but Doug ended up being a really cool guy.

"Wait. I know you know everything about this flashlight, I mean if you know anything about how it got broken"

I am sure a similar thread has been created before, but come on, what else are we supposed to talk about while we wait? :D
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  • JakeSt123 wrote: »
    Doug's skills were more unusual - anyone can point and shoot a gun, but after Doug set up the alarm at the motel I knew I'd made a better choice, and if he'd survived until the train, it would have been much easier to start it whereas Carley would've sat around going 'hurr durr how do make train go'.

    If you think anyone can accurately fire a weapon (particularly against moving targets, and especially with the added stress of being in combat), you've obviously never actually done so yourself. It's a lot more difficult than TV or Video Games show you. It takes quite a bit of practice and a bare minimum of several thousand rounds to get somebody to that level of competence.

    Hell, most people can't even bring themselves to fire a weapon at another person in anger at all; as evidenced by the fact that in WWI only 5% of the soldiers did so.
  • To add to Rommel49's point, most people will not shoot consistently well with a pistol as compared to rifles. For Carley to consistently pull head shots with her pistol is actually a rare skill, and one that significantly increases the group's chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse where head shots are basically needed all the time.
  • i could go into detail as to why i saved Doug, but basically i liked him more because he is like me and my friends
  • So many threads on this issue... has been answered dozens of times already.
    Again here is why I picked him over Carley on my intial playthrough:

    1.) Bros before hoes 2.) intelligent (I'd assume he knows what batteries look like and how they work), 3.) useful technical knowledge 4.) heroic in crucial situations (known from Carleys story about him saving her) 5.) doesn't know about my negative past
  • I saved Carley because I thought someone else would know and they would know that Carley knew and they would like be scared of me
  • Carley is good at everything else, but not good with electronics. It isnt need anyway. What you need are survival skills.

    Doug is good at electronics, but in fighting zombies, not that much.

    There are pros and cons. Sure. An alarm system is real useful to attract more walkers.

    I enjoyed carleys company more than dougs.
    I just read your post the other day or ehatever saying that people that picked carley were shallow. Wtf? Looks played a role of course, for me lets say 25 percent but 75 coming from her selflesness, attitude and gratitiude for getting my back.

    A alarm system that makes a tiny tinkle is okay, considering the amount of yelling that Kenny, Lilly and Lee did anyway.
  • Kaserkin wrote: »
    I am going to sum up the pros and cons of both.
    -Has a gun
    -More screentime
    -Knows your past (at this point you don't know if you can trust her)
    -Reporter (I hate reporters)

    You forgot hot and fuckable.
  • Vladisimo wrote: »
    You forgot hot and fuckable.

    Hahahaha, guess so?


    Yeah, but if the alarm is soft it is useless. You just wasted resources to make a hard to hear alarm. They shouted a lot, but i dont think sound would Travel thst far
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    MancusoE BANNED
    "I was planning to save both"
  • I've played playthroughs with each of them and here is what I gather:

    You get to tell everyone about your past.
    Optional love interest.
    Knows of your past and isn't a total asshole.
    Can shoot.

    Nerdy IT tech guy
    Dies a heroic death saving Ben, not even knowing if he was the traitor.

    They're both interesting people but ultimately I would choose Carley so I can reveal my past to people in Ep 3.
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