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So...Finished the game a while back...

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Just...Wow. Bravo, Telltale. This game deserves praise if for nothing else, then for subverting my default gaming instinct of "see kid, try to kill kid because they're terrible". THIS IS HOW YOU DO CHILDREN CHARACTERS, GAMING INDUSTRY! They're not just small people way too into candy and they're not just there to be a cheap shot of emotional drama. They're CHARACTERS.

Episode two was the first big impressive bit for me...I mean, having seen the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, these guys and their place gave me a big Sawyer/Hewitt family vibe, so I guessed early on they might be cannibals...But seeing it. Damn. For the record, I left the last guy to the walkers. I tried my best not to kill anyone or let others in the group kill anyone...Because of Clementine. Didn't want her to see too much...

I'm curious how other played the game. Me, I didn't make many friends. I like to roleplay in games so instead of playing by my own choices, I played by what I felt Lee would do...That meant a lot of abstinence from voting, a lot of fence-sitting, and generally being the neutral mediator. Keep everyone relatively happy, prevent the group from splintering too heavily. Nobody was my buddy, granted, but it did keep conflict down...Kenny didn't like it though. Even Clementine showed signs of upset from my decisions eventually...But Kenny, man. He took every choice not on his side as a personal damn attack. We really weren't doing well by the end. After a particular scene where he just seems to heap all the tragedy of the whole bloody world onto me, I specifically recall uttering (somewhat shouting) aloud "God dammit, Kenny, I did not kill your fucking family!" ...We made up in the end though. After Clementine was taken...

Speaking of which, I would have liked not to kill that kidnapper but I can't deny enjoying it. The weird thing is...I could have let the kidnapping go, if I got her back. I could have forgiven the death threats. I could have gotten over every accusation against me (note: I didn't take any of his supplies. Clementine and myself abstained). But the straw that broke the camel's back was something so simple, so seemingly insignificant...He left her hat behind when he took her. Clem loved that hat. Seriously, fuck that guy.

I gotta say too that I loved the bit leading up to him. Lee just grabs a bit of glass and a shiv or something and takes out as many walkers as he can before he gives in. Fucking Rambo'd that shit. His death was...Unexpected. I mean, I knew he would die. My preliminary glimpses of the game (trailers, etcetera.) revealed that via spoiling dickwads in comments. But...Damn. I thought he'd get Clem, meet up with whoever was left, get a last farewell...But no. He dies off in some dim solitary garage. Incidentally, it's a testament to a game's value when the spoilers don't actually diminish anything. I got choked up during that scene.

I don't get the ending though. I told Clementine to find Omid and Christa. But she's off alone in some meadow...What the hell, Clem? Screw you then. I'll go find my own kid to advise. With blackjack, and hookers! :mad: (As far as I can tell, the implication with those figures she sees in the distance is that Omid and Christa turned. It's not exactly clear...)

Note: Never saw the show or comics. And the FPS take on the series will likely be lousy. Here's hoping this series has MANY more episodes in its future.

Oh, and one thing that irked me in episode two after we reached the Dairy: Lilly says something like "Why did you bring us here, Lee?!" - Bitch, I said to stay put. We were short on food but dammit, we were secure. YOU decided to make it a damn vote and undermine me. Seriously. Not my fault. Lee just can't catch a damn break. XD

Next playthrough, I'll be going by my own choices. As a pragmatist, I predict I still won't make too many friends.
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  • wow, great game! I felt incredibly immersed and loved the story. Up until the end scene. I wanted something good for Clementine's character. I experienced the same bizarre ending - Clementine alone in a meadow with some bullets or shells at her feet seeing two distant figures. I too told her to find Omid and Christa and stay out of the cities. Was this just a vehicle to start everyone at the same spot for Season 2? I wish the end cut scene would have been more customized - maybe it is? Has anyone else told Clem different advice [like stay in the cities] and had a different ending video for Clem? Otherwise it's like Mass Effect 3 all over again, where no matter what you choose the story ends basically the same :( I finished the game wanting more. Maybe this is intentional just like the season enders for the television show...
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