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Notice the Same Walker in the Episodes?

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Do u guys remember when in ep 1 u are outside in front of the drugstore with doug and u turn the tv's on in the one store without breaking the glass and u see that one chubby, blue skinned walker with the fucked up jaw and hair. I swear u see him throughout ep 1 ep 2 ep 3 and 4. I also think he is in the trailer of the game. I m not sure if u ever kill him but I know he is in all 4. In ep 1 outside the drugstore. Ep 2 when all the walkers are coming out of the forest when u have to cut the guys leg off. Ep 3 in the huge herd and I think maybe somewherelse too...ep 4 I believe he is one of the walkers outside of the busted fence of the auto shop (Herman's) inside Crawford. In ep 5 I don't think I saw him in the 2 playthroughs I've done. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in one of the scenes though. I also think there might be another walker that shows up throughout the series and it is the bald white one that is the first zombie to show up in ep 2 when u are cutting the teachers leg off. Just wondering if anyonelse saw something cool like this!
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  • They reuse the mode-uhh...I mean...zombies had a lot of similar DNA as one another :p
  • xXNinjaScoreXx;756585 said:
    They reuse the mode-uhh...I mean...zombies had a lot of similar DNA as one another :p
    It didn't really matter since we were going to blast their brains out anyways x)
  • Telltale mixes up various parts of the walker bodies like heads and such and combine them with other random parts every episode.

    I think the walker in the beginning of episode 4 who the camera focuses on for a while before Kenny guns him down, is the same walker in episode 5 at the mansion whom Lee nonchalantly blows away.
  • i recognized that guy from the motel next to the Axe later in Savannah. the fat one i'm talking bout.
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