"The Walking Dead": saves problem


Recently I bought "The Walking Dead" (all episodes) through Steam.

I finished the first episode. Then I started to play the second one and I found that my decisions don't influence game at all. I read this post. I copied the file "prefs.prop" from Steam folder to "My documents" folder. It helped.

But when I started to play the third episode the problem appears again. Clem suddenly says that I don't tell her about the murder of senator. But I told her everything in first episode!

I tried to copy file "prefs.prop", but it doesn't help.

I don't understand why Telltale Games does nothing about this problem. I paid my money and I want to play game, not to rape my brains how to solve the save problem.


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
    edited January 2013
    Be aware that the workaround you used suggests to have two prefs.prop files.
    Although it seems to work for some people, that is not how TTG designed the game though.
    Please try having only one prefs.prop. It should be in the savegame folder. There isn't supposed to be a prefs.prop in the install folder or any of its subfolders.
    If you have multiple prefs.prop files please try which one gives you the correct choices.
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