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Is Lilly ugly / unattractive?

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I never looked or thought of Lilly as a pretty or attractive character, but she just doesn't seem to struck as such.

Despite losing her father, what she did to Carley/Doug is unforgivable and so she was left on her own. Couldn't care less if the walkers devoured her.

As for Molly, she reminded me of Desmond from Assassin's Creed (running and climbing walls/buildings across the cities), which was kind of pretty cool. :)
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  • I don't find her pretty at all, not say that she is really ugly. Just... plain, I guess. Plus, she scowled so much and her attitude just make you want to bitch slap her.

    If you compare Lily to Carley, Molly and Christa, then yeah... I'd say she's ugly.
  • Brenda 10/10 would eat for dinner.
  • Lilly is pretty when she smiles, but not when she scowls which is 99% of the time xD
  • She's a bunch of 0's and 1's....
  • Lilly: 5/10
    Carley: 7/10
    Molly: 8/10
    Christa: 7/10
    Irene: meeh i'd say 6/10
    anyways i don't think she's ugly but she's... i don't know how she looks in normal,
    she's a mess in the game.
  • What does it matter?

    No seriously. Why does a woman's physical attractiveness matter at all? A guy has to be horribly ugly before anyone comments on it without any provocation, yet practically every woman will be judged for her appearance.

    Sorry to be a buzz kill, but this kind of stuff just irks me. Can't we judge them by their actions? In this case, Lilly is an abysmal 3/10. She shows a bit of appreciation for people who agree with her, but everyone else is just getting in the way of her taking care of her father. She has no business being in a group, let alone leading one with her attitude. If she and Larry were going off on their own and not interfering with other people, I would let it slide, but no dice there.
  • BlackBoxx;759054 said:
    Can't we judge them by their actions?
    sure we can, if you're interested in how people would judge their characters open a thread about it :)
  • She looks decent, but she always looks pissed off.
  • BlackBoxx;759054 said:
    What does it matter?

    No seriously. Why does a woman's physical attractiveness matter at all?
  • No one's saying it matters, and that's not the point. The thread requests our opinions on her attractiveness, simply put.
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