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Season 2?

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So with the cliffhanger after the credits, it's obvious their making a season 2. But what about? it might not really feel the same without Lee. Who do you play as? Clementine? Omid? Christa? one of the strangers up at the top of the hill?

And would the survival tips you told Clem at the end of episode 5 before you die help her? They could do it like Mass Effect where all your choices transfer as long as you play it on the same console/pc that you played the previous game on. Honestly i would like for episode 1 of the new season to start off right where episode 5 ended, and then in episode 2 have a huge time jump. I would like to play as Clementine, a girl as the main character in zombie games? I don't know about you but I don't see that much.
So what do you guys think? What do you think is in store for Season 2?

(Oh, another cool thing would be to see some of the people who died in season 1 as walkers in season 2 :3)
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  • i don't know, no one does i don't think even ttg is so far right know, they're still in the middle of the concept. But i sure as hell hope it will continue the story of Clem, couldn't imagine anything else. I really don't think they will make a huge time jump because that would affect the series as well, though i'm curious what Clem would be like in 10 yrs.
    if they jump 10 years forward that means in the tv show there is no hope of the world getting better for 10 years. I hope we will NOT be able to play her because:
    i would like to see if she remembers the player's actions and is behaving like you did if it
    comes to hard decisions. I hope we'll get to play Omid and/or Christa i could imagine to
    play them both, though it would make conversations more complex since you'd have 2 chars who might both know different things and... i don't want to think about it too much... anyways i think they'll continue the story of Clem, they know otherwise there will be a shitstorm.
  • God DAMMIT. The GAME is SET in the Comic-Universe.
  • I do want Clementine to return as a character. However, it just wouldn't feel right if she's the player avatar. Not that it couldn't be done, but she has an established personality. Part of what made this game so grand was the fact that the player is Lee. All the while, Clementine was learning from, commenting on, and influencing our choices. I don't think it would make sense for her to suddenly be able to make the same choices Lee would after knowing him for less than 4 months.

    The same goes for Omid and Christa. I'd prefer they be returning characters, but not the player.

    I hope we get a new protagonist who meets up with Clem, Omid and Christa fairly early on in the next season. Ideally, we could get a create-a-character to play. A simple character builder, and a quick intro where our character meets some other survivors and they ask who he/she is, and those answers become our character's past. Yeah, it'd be limiting, but it would still give us a bit more options than Lee did.
  • if we don't get to play Omid and/or Christa then, either we won't get that close with Clem again, since we're some stranger, and they will definitely take care of her, or they both will die, so that we play her "dad" again. but the idea of playing Clem is also nice... though i really don't think that will happen, regardless... I'm sure ttg will work out something good.
  • Obviously things are going to be different in the second season of the game, but playing as Clemtine just wouldn't feel right. She had a set personality, and if you're playing as her, you could completely turn her personality in the other direction. I'm sure that no one would want to see that. Omid and Christa is a likely possibility since they were there for only barely 3 episodes, and have a personality people can "play" with. Omid is more of a character who's joking, light-hearted, where as Christa is serious, and makes sure people are focused on what needs to be focused on. I think Omid would be the character to play as.
  • We have to be a new character in season 2! It's the only way to start fresh (w/ Clem hopefully). If we are someone from season 1 a lot of the conversations will be like; wow you've changed, or since when do you think like that?. Just my P.O
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