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Telltale interested in "deeper" franchises (Star Wars, Half-Life, Halo)

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Telltale speculating about it's own future is always fun:
Telltale Games had one hell of a 2012. It released its successful adaptation of The Walking Dead (which GamesBeat named its Game of the Year).

How does the developer plan to follow that up? Well, it sounds like it wants to work on some of the biggest video game and movie franchises in existence.

“Coming from LucasArts, we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Telltale chief executive officer Dan Connors told Red Bull U.K. in an interview. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise — something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories.”
Of course, the developer has nothing in the works that involves Halo, Half-Life, or Star Wars, but Connors and the rest of the team at Telltale believe they are ready for something of that scale.

“[Dan Connors was] speaking more to our goal of wanting to take on a major gaming franchise someday,” Telltale’s senior vice president of publishing Steve Allison told GamesBeat. “[We want] to build a narrative game series that supports another franchise — as we passionately believe [our game] would not compete with or cannibalize [Halo 4 or the next Half-Life.]“

Allison believes that a Telltale adventure game based on a major gaming or movie franchise would only boost player investment in the series. Especially since the developer’s games are so different from what most of these properties are best known for.

“Will we do this? Yes, we believe we will some time very soon,” said Allison. “But the franchises mentioned are totally speculative and used only as an example to frame the idea.”

So maybe Telltale won’t make a Star Wars, Halo, or Half-Life game, but it’s obviously pursuing something along those lines.
I always thought Star Wars was a good match for Telltale, even though I'm not really a fan of the franchise. Can't really imagine what a Telltale version of Halo or Half-Life would look like though.

Ever since Telltale started flirting with Valve with Poker Night, the Sam & Max items in Team Fortress 2 and the TF2 easter eggs in Devil's Playhouse I quite fancied the idea of a Telltale TF2 side-story. The Team Fortress-comics that Valve publishes fit with Telltale's sense of humour pretty well.

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  • I guess I'm still in the camp of "boohoo i hate success and big name titles."
    Nothing wrong with it, I suppose, but maybe I should take this as my wake-up call that we're never actually gonna get our pre-Poker-Night Telltale back.

    Personally, out of the three, I've only played or watched Half-Life, anyway, so I suppose I don't have much to say about the franchise.

    But TF2, that is oddly brilliant. Valve's constructed a world bigger than its own game could possibly show, filled with interesting characters. As time goes on, they've released more and more promotional material containing miniature stories, but they've always had to have been in service of this multiplayer shooter and its updates. Even/preferably ignoring the mercenaries, there's so many stories begging to be told, yet so little room to tell them.

    It feels like the characters and world of Team Fortress 2 have risen to franchise level, but never actually featured in any other games, outside of a cameo. Telltale seems like the only non-Valve company that could be trusted to handle this sort of thing. Plus, Jared Emerson-Johnson scoring a Team Fortress game. Imagine it.
  • wellgolly;758182 said:
    Plus, Jared Emerson-Johnson scoring a Team Fortress game. Imagine it.
    I'm imagining...
  • jp-30;758156 said:
    For some of us, Battlefront and Rogue Squadron are fine examples of the types of generic or dumbed down games that continued the rot that set in with the prequel movies and their associated games.
    The key phrase being "for some of us." I'm not in that camp, obviously. I also enjoyed both Force Unleashed games. I enjoyed Battlefront as it was fun, and the second added to it. Rogue Squadron was always awesome and could be even better today. My only request would be to leave the on-foot stuff to Battlefront. And Force Unleashed does, despite a weaker second entry, need a conclusion.
    RAnthonyMahan;758223 said:
    Wow, never really noticed that before.:D
  • DAISHI;758161 said:
    Rogue Squadron was dumbed down? That implies some lack of quality or challenge, but that game was amazing. Just because it's not a flight simulator doesn't mean it wasn't good.
    After cutting my teeth on the 4 X-wing Games and their expansions, the arcade sims of Rogue Squadron series just didn't cut it, I'm afraid.
  • I really enjoyed Rogue Squadron on the N64. Rediscovered it for PC in a thrift store. Reminds me of Rebel Assault. One of the better post-DOS Star Wars games.
  • I really need to check out one of these DOS Star Wars games. My favorite SW games personally are the Super Star Wars games. Any DOS recommendations?
  • Star Wars chess. Since everyone wants a smart Star Wars game, go play that one.
  • Dark Forces, Rebel Assault, X-Wing, Tie Fighter. That's almost all of them and they're all good.
  • Telltale and Valve hand in hand? ... Half-Life point and click?
    Interesting, but dangerous though...
  • Get a stick and pretend your a Jedi with a light saber thats the best Star Wars game experience.
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