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Moai Better Blues, nice game, pretty short

posted by Smollie on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I liked the exotic setting of episode 202 and the underwater location. It reminded me of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. I liked the weird puzzles, but thought the overall length of the game was a bit short.
I do like the fact that some plotlines are left open, implying larger developments in episodes to follow. Nice!

So, keep up the level and make te games a bit longer.
Episode 201 was right on the mark!
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  • I didn't find it short... but I did get stuck a few times and had to go away and think about it.

    Did you play with hints on? I suggest that the first time through, play with no hints, and only switch them on if you get really stuck. That'll make the game last longer :)
  • yeah you must have had hints on
  • ..or maybe he is just a bit more clever than the rest.
  • I don't think it makes much sense to determine the lentgh of a game solely by the time one spent finishing it. If somebody gets really stuck two or three times while playing Moai Better Blues, and absolutely refuses to use any hints, he could very well pour 8 or more hours into it. That doesn't make it a long game. Just taking into account the actual content, the amount of puzzles, new locations and stuff like that, Episode 202 can't hold a candle to its predecessor. I'm with the thread starter here.
  • thats a good point but then your argument is that moai better blues was lacking content not that it was station santa was definitely meatier..just when you thought the game had ended there was a whole nother act
  • Exactely, that's just it! I liked ep. 201 for exactely that reason!
    The surprise act! Just like with Aliens, when you think it's all over... there's the big climax!
    I expected something more to happen in 202. For the rest the game was super!
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