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Chariots of the Gods? Ahem dogs?

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 10.8K users
Dont know if this is a spoiler so I wont put a box in it but just beware there might be plot spoils below... ep is not out yet.

I dont know how old most of you are but I know of a book and later a tv episode called chariots of the gods?

Now this was sorta referenced in zak mckracken with the mars face and such so I cant wait to see how it gets implemented into an episode. Will it be Zak Mckracken ish! Will there be stale bread tossed out a window only to crash on a sidewalk making a hole in the street.

This book is so filled with awesome possibilities in terms of sam & max just read up on it and let that stroodle in the noodle.

Then again the ep could just be using the name.. not the book.. im only guessing. XD
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  • Easter Island statues also figure prominently in Erich Von Daniken's books. Not sure about the Bermuda Triangle, but it's possible, I haven't read Chariots of the Gods since I was about 10 years old.

    I lapped that stuff up as a kid. Now I'm a just cynical, jaded old man.
  • Lol I too am a bitter ole cynic now.. and more jaded than...well jade. :P

    As for the content its not that I believe haha far from it.. just that I can see the potential for awesomeness...

    Id love for sam n max to bump into bone or asterix and obelix.. as well.. hmm there might be a world conflict issue...doh
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    they did in that one blooper!
  • While this might be a highly intellectual inter-textual reference, it might also be an episode about literal dogs and literal chariots. Too early to tell.
  • I guess it should have dogs, if it is handled like the first two episodes. 201 had Santa in it and Santa also being the word that had been changed from the original title. In 202 Mo' had been substituted by Moai and it contained Moai head statues.
    So, since episode 3 is called "Chariots of the Dogs" and the book the title is refering to is called "Chariots of the Gods", it is likely that 203 will indeed contain dogs. I'm not sure if the chariots would be mandatory. I wouldn't have called Santa's hut on the northpole an ice station either..
  • wisp;51287 said:
    So, since episode 3 is called "Chariots of the Dogs"...
    Ahem... episode 4 ;)
  • but dogs in the sam & max world would be walking talking dogs like sam right?
  • im thinking tons of oddball stuff.. maybe alien dogs.. defiantly some odd places have to be made.. Id hope
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    its 100% guaranteed that there'll be a dog on episode 204
  • Jake;51303 said:
    its 100% guaranteed that there'll be a dog on episode 204
    Yeah, it'll be Sam!
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