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Merry Christmas! Here's a defective gift!

posted by Busholio on - last edited - Viewed by 314 users
I was SO excited to get this game for Christmas! I too am a big fan of the show and comic. My 61 year old Dad even made two trips to Best Buy before he found it because it was sold out. So, when I finally got home to play it, just to find that it freezes & glitches, disappointment set in. Then to find that this is not isolated & the company is quiet on the issue disappointed me more.

I have worked in retail for many years & am really surprised at the quality (or lack thereof) of the game and then the lack of communication by the company to its customers. Instead of praising the game all over the front page, there should be an apology letter & solution to consumers.

I realize it's only a $30 game, & you get what you pay for in life, but this is ridiculous & the game should be pulled from the shelf.

Thanks for making an otherwise great Christmas gift into a huge disappointment for many people I'm sure!

Of course, you could save the day by fixing the problem & actually communicating that or any solution to your paying customers.
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  • It really pissed me off too, dude... I paid the equivalent of $65 to receive this shit and not be able to refund. TELLTALE SHIT! Test your games before releasing for God's sake!!!
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