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Dark motives for the DS help!

posted by ChristmasJones on - last edited - Viewed by 472 users
Hi all, I have played Dark Motives on the pc and loved it, so I got it for the DS to try a new gaming angle, problem is I know I need to recover a fingerprint off the envelope with the money in it in Vegas Cycles (first case), but I cant seem to get it. I have used all the avaliable forms of print recovery to no avail! What am I doing wrong!!!!?
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  • Hey Xmas Jones - our pals at or the Ubisoft Website would be the best places to ask for the answer to your question. We didn't create Dark Motives or the DS port of it, so we're not familiar with the product. I played it a long time ago, so I don't recall! 8) Good luck!
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