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Did you cry at the end of episode 5?

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Be honest.

I did, and it was a first for me.
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  • It's something that just happens when you let yourself become attached to characters over a long period of time.

    And then you have to watch them die.

    Yeah, I cried. Manly tears, then sobbing baby tears.
  • Nope, just said "Oh, fuckin 'ell" a lot.
  • No. But I was very sad.
  • I was crying on the inside.
  • I did, because of Clemetine.

    First she saw her parents on the streets as walkers. Minutes after that she also lost Lee, and to see her cry broke my heart, it really did.

    A 9 year old girl, afraid and left alone in a crazy world full of walkers and dangerous living people. I hope she will be OK, and that she will be involved and alive in the next season, otherwise it will be to depressing for me.
  • I shed some tears, partly manly tears and some girly. My poor Clem, all alone now, and I cant protect her anymore.
  • Nope, I just went into a deep depression. I wish I'd cried. Would've been easier
  • I didn't cry, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions...

    Devastatingly sad because of Lee's fate and him not being able to watch over Clem anymore. But glad that she will be in good hands with Omid and Christa (provided that they find each other, which I think seems to be the case). And proud of Clem for growing up fast, learning all the things she was taught.

    It was some really intense, top-notch writing and acting. Can't wait for Season 2.
  • I cried like a little bitch. And im a 22 yearold bearded muscular man. I was just so sad that Clementine had to go through all of that, that shes all alone now, and I cant protect her anymore.

    Telltale games you sure know how to tell a tale.
  • I didn't cry, just the tears poured from his eyes, in that moment when I killed stranger, and Clem hugs Lee, she said: "I'm sorry Lee...I'm so sorry." Lee: "It's ok sweet pea" *music starts* It's just a very touchable moment.
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