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Bought TWD Episodes 2-5 - still "Coming soon"

posted by klenod on - Viewed by 284 users
After my first playthrough of the game I went back to ep. 4 to try some alternative actions, and suddenly the game crashed. When I restarted, instead of being able to get right back into my saved game, the game said "get", as though ep 4 had gone missing on my iPhone. Unfortunately nothing happened when I tapped the 'get' button, so I decided to do a clean install of the whole game. This time, however, none of episodes 2-5 seemed available.
I opted to buy the ep 2-5 package again, entered my password and confirmed that I wanted a free download since I had already purchased the package. But all of the episodes just say "coming soon", and it's been this way for a week now. Any ideas as to what might be the matter or what I could do about this? Thanks.
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