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Want another "Playing Dead" episode?

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For those who don't know, it's a promotional series of interviews with the game's creators that were released over the course of 2012. The most recent one, episode eight, came out after episode four of the game.

I for one want more. I learned a bunch about the thought processes behind the game and the story's subtext from the series.

And considering how much has happened since the last episode — all the GOTY awards, the flood of new players since the game went on sale on various platforms, what the creators think about the players reactions to the finale, what the final stats are — I'd really like to have a final episode to this series.

Who's with me?
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  • The last episode of Playing Dead is coming sooner or later. A while ago, AJ Locasio posted a pic of him filming the last Playing Dead episode on his twitter.

    -With the exception to Playing Dead episode 5, a week or so seems to be the norm for a Playing Dead episode right after the actual episode comes out. I'm sure the last Playing Dead episode will come once Telltale has a nice plot structure of season 2.
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