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Which decision was the hardest to you?

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We all had to decide certain things, like in the belltower, or in the drugstore, at the side of the road, meat locker, in the forest, in the hospital (...) and so on.

I would like to know which one was the most difficult for you to make?

For me it was the one in the belltower, i dropped him the first time, saved him the second and third time.

I won't make a poll since i would like to see reasons too :)
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  • The last decision in game was most hard for me. And I chose that more good for Clementine in my opinion - leave Lee.
  • Same as you. Ben in the bell tower. I hated him for getting so many people (that telltale suckered me into caring about) killed, through both stupidy (forgivable) and cowardice (not so forgivable) and i wanted the Molly to take his space on the boat.

    I was basically hoping/looking for a chance to kill him, but then when it came it felt so harsh and i wasn't gaining anything by killing him. I paused the game for more thinking time i was so conflicted.

    Eventually dropped him.
  • Deciding what to kill Fivel with...
  • Leaving Lilly or not. Right after what she did to Carley... I waited till the last second, I ended up bringing her with us.
  • Willzy123 wrote: »
    Deciding what to kill Fivel with...

    you made my day... i was gonna say that though :( so i guess my worst choice is to not threaton vernon or not ( i didnt )
  • What to do with Beatrice.

    If I shot her, the walkers would've came after me and Kenny. If I left her, I could get inside the pharmacy undetected.

    I was trying to decide what to do while aiming at her head, and just when the timer was about to go out, I chose to leave her.
  • The vote to kick or keep Ben in the group. I absolutely hated his guts for all the suffering that he caused even if it was unintentional. All the characters that I cared about bought the farm due to the chain of events he unleashed on the group. He was a coward too, refusing to help Clem and leading to Chuck to sacrifice himself. I can understand from a rational perspective why Ben is a screw up, but when I try to play in character, I figured being pissed at him made sense and would take priority.

    But when it came down to it, I had a much tougher time clicking the abandon Ben option when Clem chimed in "We don't leave friends behind" or something along those lines. Damn you Clem! During my playthrough, I've decided Clem and Carley would be my moral compass. And since Clem obviously objected and I suspected Carley would've too even if she knew what a POS ben was, I decided to vote for keeping.
  • The meat locker. Chose to make sure Larry didn't come back, and became a much more pragmatic Lee from then on.
  • Taking the supplies from the vehicle.

    I had "just" given Clem a lecture on being good - I felt like such a hypocritical dick.

    But pragmatism, what can ya do......
  • Ben.... I hated him for causing numerous deaths. So finally getting a chance to kill him off I wanted to so bad. But I felt guilty :/ Killed him anyways though haha.

    And the final one with clem I think.
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