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Which decision was the hardest to you?

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We all had to decide certain things, like in the belltower, or in the drugstore, at the side of the road, meat locker, in the forest, in the hospital (...) and so on.

I would like to know which one was the most difficult for you to make?

For me it was the one in the belltower, i dropped him the first time, saved him the second and third time.

I won't make a poll since i would like to see reasons too :)
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  • Deciding whether or not to bring Clem to Crawford. I did.
  • Larry Help or kill. If Clem wasnt there boom!!! Just couldnt smash his head infront of her
  • The meat locker. My first play through was me trying to be the most moral I could think of. That meant I really didn't like how Lilly and her dad ran things. I could understand being strict and pragmatic, but they were borderline abusive to their groupies (no question with Larry) from my perspective.

    So on one hand I found myself siding with Kenny in all of their little arguments. They get into another one and I find Kenny is pushing for they solution I was trying to avoid. I wanted to side with him because we were becoming very good friends, but... he was advocating killing a guy without trying to help him. I just couldn't do it, no matter how much I hated Larry and Lilly's sudden helplessness whenever he fell.

    All subsequent play throughs though...
  • Leaving Lilly or not. At the time I was furious that she just took out one of my fav characters. Carley was good with a weapon, and seemed to be teaming up with Lee quite nicely. My gut was to leave her, but my head was saying the group needed all the "warm" bodies we could find. I ended up letting her on the RV- but unlike other decisions that I made and moved on...I debated it for a good part of the episode while it unfolded.
  • CarScar wrote: »
    Leaving Lilly or not. Right after what she did to Carley... I waited till the last second, I ended up bringing her with us.

    That one for me but i left her. Also about ben since he screws up so many times and the result is bad.
  • This might seem strange but for me it was bringing Clem with me to Crawford.
  • Whether to bring Lilly or not with us. I ended up bringing her at the last second.
  • 1. Asking Clementine to shoot me (Lee)
    2. Chopping my arm off (Christa sawing Lee's arm)
    3. Deciding between Carley and Doug (chose Carley - because she was a girl in danger :p)
  • 1- Bell Tower (I pulled Ben up, even though he was useless I couldn't kill him)
    2- Leaving or bringing Lily (Even though she killed one of my favorite characters (Carley) I was always on her side and I wanted to forgive her, so I brought her along)
    3- Showing the bite or not (I was afraid of being kicked out of the group or killed because of it, so I didn't show the bite)
  • Definitely the meat locker. It was very sudden and very dramatic, definitely one of my favorite scenes in the game.
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