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Which decision was the hardest to you?

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We all had to decide certain things, like in the belltower, or in the drugstore, at the side of the road, meat locker, in the forest, in the hospital (...) and so on.

I would like to know which one was the most difficult for you to make?

For me it was the one in the belltower, i dropped him the first time, saved him the second and third time.

I won't make a poll since i would like to see reasons too :)
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  • Who to feed... :D
  • ASSASSINO wrote: »
    1- Bell Tower (I pulled Ben up, even though he was useless I couldn't kill him)
    2- Leaving or bringing Lily (Even though she killed one of my favorite characters (Carley) I was always on her side and I wanted to forgive her, so I brought her along)
    3- Showing the bite or not (I was afraid of being kicked out of the group or killed because of it, so I didn't show the bite)

    About the third, it's optional whether or not to show it, but it is also about how honest a person can be with the ones that he/she is with. If they couldn't trust going with Lee because of the bite, I'd go alone looking for her.
  • Viner16 wrote: »
    Who to feed... :D

    It took me ages to decide. I decided that I would try to smooth things over with Larry, and Mark sounded hungrier than all the other adults. Those two choices didn't go so well. I also fed the two kids.

    Most people have said the bell tower was a hard choice. I had stuck up for Ben the whole game, so it was an easy choice to save him.

    A lot of my choices were also dependant on Clem - I sided with her about the car and keeping Ben with my group. However, I didn't notice she was right behind me when I pitchforked the first brother. For the end, I was going to tell Clem to walk away...then she said that she didn't want me to become a walker, so I figured she was brave enough to shoot me.

    One hard choice was putting the woman out of her misery or letting her scream. I chose for the latter. The choice about leaving Lilly (as she had just killed Carly, who I thought was great) was also difficult. Later that episode, I wished I had left her.
  • What made the meatlocker hard though. Theres so much going on in
    1) Loyalty to Kenny or Lilly
    2) Moral decesion. Can you kill him
    3) Impact Whats it going to do to Clem and what will she think of you doing it
    4) Fallout As Kenny says...

    Clem made it hard for me. I didnt want to teach her murder is ok and I thought how much it could mess her up... Kenny being an ass didnt help
  • I didn't notice she was right behind me when I pitchforked the first brother.

    Same. I thought he deserved it and pitchforked him but Clem's cry almost scared the shit outta me, didn't notice she was behind me as well :D
  • The meat locker, crawford and killing Lee where the hardest decisions
  • The hardest decision in my opinion, was choosing between Carley and Doug.

    While I'll admit I actually like Doug more than Carley, you can only choose to tell everyone about your past if you save her.
    I thought that was kind of a bad call.
    If you saved Doug, there still should have been an option to tell everyone, instead of having Lilly be the one to do it.
  • ummmm....deciding wether or not to kill danny and andy. I really wanted to but with Clem watching I couldn't do it, the same with the campman.
  • Phil_TWD wrote: »
    1. Asking Clementine to shoot me (Lee)
    2. Chopping my arm off (Christa sawing Lee's arm)
    3. Deciding between Carley and Doug (chose Carley - because she was a girl in danger :p)
    Doug was a boy in danger. Just because she's a girl shouldn't rule Doug out... -_-
  • Last decision. Told Clem to leave me and felt so bad for Lee. Then I cried for about 2 hours. And that kid's, is why I cry every time at the ending. Every. Damn. Time. ; - ;
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