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Which decision was the hardest to you?

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We all had to decide certain things, like in the belltower, or in the drugstore, at the side of the road, meat locker, in the forest, in the hospital (...) and so on.

I would like to know which one was the most difficult for you to make?

For me it was the one in the belltower, i dropped him the first time, saved him the second and third time.

I won't make a poll since i would like to see reasons too :)
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  • Bringing Clem to Crawford I had to pause the game for a second to choose
  • Neilny91;763508 said:
    The hardest decisions was what to say to Clementine in the end...I wanted to tell her I'd miss her, but I didn't want to make what she had to do harder then it already was...I told her not to be afraid
    God I know. I wanted to say I'd miss her so much but realized this was probably the last thing I'd ever say to her so I thought it was more important to try instil some confidence in her, so she'll be able to go on without Lee. :(

    Hardest decision for me was letting Lilly back in the R.V. I'm the bleeding heart pansy type, and I was basically trying to save everyone I could, but man... I really just wanted to leave her to die after what she did. I let her back in at the last second, rationalizing we could use her as walker bait or something. Considering what she does afterwards, I regret letting her back in. She may have gone crazier and killed everyone.

    Other tough decisions: Shooting the girl in the street. I tried shooting a zombie only for Kenny to tell me to knock it off. I shot her, felt horrible, reloaded, watched her get bit again, ended up shooting her all over again. Felt horrible all over again. :(

    Not killing Danny St. John was hard, especially when he's calling you a coward and that you can't do it. I fucking wanted to shoot him right after he shot Jolene. It was really tempting to skewer the sick little fuck, but I realized that me killing him was what he wanted. It's how he justified his own horrible actions. ("This is how the world works now.") Fuck that, he could rot in that trap and realize what monster he really was.

    Bringing Clem to Crawford. It basically came down to the idea that if we fail in Crawford, we'd probably not make it back, and then Clementine would be alone in a house with a dying Omid with no idea what to do next. Basically I felt it was worth the risk because if this didn't work she'd probably be as good as dead anyways. In retrospect, I also realized that leaving Clem alone while someone is stalking her and telling her she's got her parents and KNOWS WHERE SHE IS was also probably a bad idea. So I actually feel more confident in that decision in repeat playthroughs than the first time I did it.
  • Neilny91;763508 said:
    ...I told her not to be afraid
    what did she answer to that? (don't want to replay the scene or I'll be all depressed again :D )
  • She told me "I can do it Lee...I can" sort of psyching herself up for it...I don't remember if that was after i told her not to be afraid though...I thought it would help her remember that i told her "don't be afraid" after she clammed up at the train station...I thought it would help her pull the trigger:(
  • Okay, I pulled Ben up so in the Kenny & Ben death scene it was the choice to either agree with Kenny and leave, or disagree and stay with him. I didn't know if agreeing with him would be like, a negative for him because it seems like that if you say "Okay" you don't really care about him. I'm not sure why, it wasn't that big of a choice but I really wanted to be with Kenny til the end.
  • I'm surprised no one mentioned the talk with Vernon, to me it was the hardest choice. The whole time it was taken for granted that Clem should be with you but him saying just made me think if I really was the right choice for her.

    Ben was up there too, I hated how his actions had so little thought behind them but in the end I couldn't let him die the first time. I wanted him to succeed, to grow a little so had to give him that chance no matter the cost and the reward was that argument with Kenny. Holy shit did that hit hard...and make me thankful I saved his life.

    As for easiest - the St. Johns brothers, killed them both and would do it again in a heartbeat, you don't change being a cannibal. If you left even one of them alive you have to live with the fact that someone else will die because of your actions. The certainty that no one else will ever be eaten by them gave me comfort. So if the zombie apoc ever happens don't be a cannibal unless you want me to butcher you as horrifyingly as I can. ;)
  • I found the Larry situation difficult because it was the first time there was no right choice and doing the right thing would sever all of my ties with those who were still civil with me
  • Larry in the meat locker. As much of a dick that Larry might be, he is still a survivor. I find it hard that Kenny didn't even try to save him. I also didn't want Clem to remember me that way, pulling this poor girl off of her dad only to watch him be brutally murdered.

    On the other hand, Larry tried to kill Lee over nothing, and he said that he'd do it all again. Not only is Larry is a drag on the group because of his heart conditions, he is not to be trusted. As for Lilly, I would feel a bit of remorse for killing the only thing she had left in the world. But, she ends up killing a character that was completely innocent, and one that I liked. Even if you show her mercy by letting her back on, she still leaves you for dead. I don't want to have his blood on my hands, but it would also be easier if Kenny wasn't such a dick, since he is loyal as in he does stay until the end. I don't believe in killing people that can be saved, but I don't know, he's just going to die either way, right?
  • Giving food, meat locker, Show/Hide bite, Save/Kill Ben, and The Ending...
  • There were many very hard decisions to make, especially playing thru it my first time. For me it was trying to be a good friend to Kenny, trying to side with him for the most part, but he had some wild ass ideas and well for the most part h was the backwoods Florida ignorant guy. But he was the first peer you got to be friends with. So I felt an obligation to him since then. But he isn't very smart, so it was like reasoning with an idiot.

    Secondly it was trying to put Clem first before anything else, which I did 90% o the time but as always it had fall back, i.e hurting her feeling, lying to her etc.
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