Game breaking issues (possible spoilers)

I have a 320GB PS3 slim NTSC version, recently purchased the disc base "The Walking Dead"
I have about 100GB of free space. The game plays fine till you get to the end of episode one. Then the audio/video doesnt sync up. The audio will be way ahead of a serious video lag. So bad that you have about 2 seconds to make a choice when the video catches up. At the end of episode 3, it gets really bad when the zombie horde gets on screen, its so choppy and the animations are so broken up that you cant really tell whats actually going on. From what I have read on various forums, this is effecting the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions across the board. This is my first telltale purchase and I'm a little concerned about purchasing any further telltale games. What I have played of the game with out problems I have loved so far.
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