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Thanks, but...

posted by KenAK96 on - Viewed by 290 users
I will not be complaining, they tried to solve, but the solution is not quite what I expected...

I bought the game disk model precisely because of my console, now say that buying the hd the problem is solved. Well, if I knew that before I would not have bought the disc version, and now I will have practically two games with me.

And WTF????? Take pictures of the game and the console? That is the funniest thing I've heard, the game should be free now. I'm pissed off about that shit! You gotta be fucking kidding me, game of the year and and look what happens!

Ultimately, Telltale, you just fell on my concept. With the title I thought you were a spectacular developer, but after all this, I think the opposite.

Several weeks for this solution? It's good you begin to test your products before selling millions of copies out there. I will not buy season 2, not once, not twice.
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