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Any one know why Katjaa killed herself?

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Was it as simple as the fact that Duck was bitten and she couldnt live without him?

Dont your think she would have wanted to live for Kenny?

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  • If she had wanted to live, I doubt she'd have taken a bullet breakfast.
  • It's a combination, I think. Katjaa was losing hope in the world. With the dead walking around, the St. Johns incident, and her husband becoming more and more dickish, further away from the man she originally married. I think Duck being bitten was just what tipped her over the edge.

    "Everything keeps changing..."
  • A combination of what the world has become and the difficulty in living in it and losing her son. Parents who lose children are complete wrecks; throw in the stress of being able to die at any minute and knowing you'll be a zombie no matter what, and the thought of suicide becomes more and more interesting.
  • "I love our son more than life itself"
  • Sutinen;759649 said:
    "I love our son more than life itself"
    This, combined with her comment about not liking that she needed to carry a gun. was her most ominous quote that made me determine earlier on that I would never leave her alone again if I had the chance.
    The hints were there before, so when she and Kenny left into the woods to do this I was already fearful, though thought Kenny would make sure she couldn't..

    But I guess Kenny didn't see the signs.
  • I blame Kat. She dont shoot herself she can watch Clem. She doesnt get kidnapped. Lee lives and they boat to the island to live happily ever after
  • ...It's obvious. Her son was slowly dying. She loved him more than anything.
    It's not really odd for people to go into deep depression or even kill themselves if someone they love the most dies.
  • she was sick of people dying and especially since it was her own son.
  • I think the two main reasons are Duck dying and Kenny no longer being the man she used to love. If you remember earlier in the episode, she becomes really distressed when you tell her, after she presses you, on what happened at the meat locker. Kenny later confesses to you that Katjaa has been pleading with him to be nicer to people in the group as well.

    These two reasons plus the combined stresses of the group and the world led her to "opt-out." :(
  • There is nothing worse than to see how your child is dying. Many people was asking: "Why if Clementine dead (train station for example, when she was trapped with walker), why game tells me "You are dead"? I can answer: because Lee can't live without her, he are dead from the inside, and if Clem dies in train station, Lee shot himself (or another suicide). And I can understand why Katjaa did that.
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